Turn 109 – Solid but Plyable


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Featuring Joey “Nebula” aka “Big Daddy Joe”, John MusiM, Scott “Artisan002”, and Stretch.

Music by MusiM.  Buy the music at musim.bandcamp.com

Join us as we chat about Ex-Heroes, Green Arrow, Lego the Movie, Rick and Morty, Anchorman 2, Deadpool, Titanfall, Payday 2, Anno 2070, and Dinosaurs.

Turn 107 – Disturbing the Fields and Manipulating the Poles


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Livestream: http://www.twitch.tv/carouselpodcast/c/3259073

Featuring John MusiM, Sam “the Red Shirt”, Scott “Artisan002”, and Stretch.

Music by MusiM.  Buy the music at musim.bandcamp.com

Join us as we chat about Sexy Evil Genius, Red 2, Soul Caliber 5, Banner Saga, Deadpool, Fifa, Warframe, Constrast, Marvel War of Heroes, Post Mortem, and Age of Empires.

PUP 030: RPG Love Podcast

Episode 26 of the monthly RPG podcast with John and Michael at Picking Up the Pixels.  Follow the link to listen or click the play button below or download it.  Or watch us at http://www.twitch.tv/e1m1network 

Warframe Tips for New Players

After reading the Polygon review of Waframe, I’ve come to realize there’s a lot of misinformation on the game out there primarily based on new players not digging deep enough.  You can’t really blame anyone as the game does not explain it self.  So here’s some advice and things to keep in mind:

1. Your opening choices for a frame are Mag, Loki, and Excalibur. They aren’t lying when they say Loki is for advanced play.  Do not start out with Loki.  Mag’s powers will get you the kill count. Excalibur’s powers are mostly melee focused. As a first time player, you aren’t going to have a full idea of your frame’s true potential until the frame hits around rank 20.  If you did start out with Loki, always play with a party and get a new frame the second you hit a boss that drops parts.

2. Platinum can’t be earned in game and you start with 50. Spend it on Orokin Catalysts or Reactors. These items permanently and future actively double the amount of mod points available in a weapon or frame. Do not put one in your starter weapons.  They are hard to find even later in the game.






3. Inventory space is severely limited.  20 platinum to add a warframe slot and 12 platinum to add 2 weapon slots.  Plan accordingly.

4. If you’re going to play Warframe for an extended amount of time you’ll eventually want to spend money on platinum be it for inventory space or Orokin catalysts/reactors. A login  reward periodically awards platinum purchase discounts between 20-50 percent. Wait for one of those.  Also only buy platinum from the main website.  You get more for your money.

5. Your starter weapons are crap but you’re stuck with them until you go up a master rank and score $20,000 credits to get a new blue print. This takes maybe a couple hours of gameplay to do. Read the weapon descriptions. If it says they’re XP locked, that means your master rank needs to go up which can take a while after the first couple master ranks.  There are a few weapons you can buy outright with credits so consider upgrading to those.  Blueprints may require parts from planets you can’t get to yet so LOOK BEFORE YOU BUY.  Weapons take 12-24 hours to forge once you get all the parts.







6. Every boss drops blueprints and usually frame blueprints. The wiki is your friend. Don’t be afraid to use it to find out which boss drops what. Each frame consists of 4 blueprints: systems, helmet, chasis, and the frame blueprint itself.  

7. Do not be afraid of the Orokin Void Tower 1 keys. Tower keys are one of the best ways to earn money in game. A T1 key nets 10K or more in credits and you only need your weapons/frame around 15-20 to survive. Always go in a pack of 4.  And you’re guaranteed to get a piece of a prime weapon or frame.

8. Your first Sentinel should be the Carrier. The Carrier picks items up for you from a distance. This is imperative in a game with rare drops you can miss.  Sentinel blueprints cost 100,000 credits.  If you’re going to buy platinum, spending 75 on a Carrier is a good investment.






9. Go into your inventory and sell off blueprints and exclusive parts for weapons and frames you already have.

10. The recruitment channel is super easy to use and a quick way to go on a ton of tower or Orokin Derelict missions.  If you don’t know what an abbreviation stands for google it.  You don’t want to wind up on a vault run without a vault key. This is also a great place to go to get a taxi to an Alert.







11. Alerts are there for a reason and you’re guaranteed to find a public match for one. Exclusive mods, weapon blueprints, and Vauban frame parts are the prizes. The mods alerts drop are Aura mods. These go in a special slot on the warframe and instead of using up mod points, the Aura mod GIVES you mod points. The Excalibur and Nekros allegedly do not have an Aura slot.







12. DE does Twitch live streams weekly and biweekly. There are events and mechanics and drops in the game you will only learn here. These streams are typically an hour long and they always give away platinum to users logged in the chat.

Hopefully that helps new players get started and have fun!  If you aren’t familiar with any of the terms ask around or google it. Even the jerks in this game appear to be informative. There’s a ton more to the game I didn’t mention but if I mentioned everything this list would take an hour to read.

2013 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 14,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 5 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Turn 104 – Get in, Beat it, Get out


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Livestream: http://www.twitch.tv/carouselpodcast/c/3259073

Featuring John MusiM, Scott “Artisan002”, and Stretch.

Music by MusiM.  Buy the music at musim.bandcamp.com

And we’re back for a very quick show, sorry for the delay and getting up the audio version.  This week we talk about Waframe, PS4, Tiny Death Star, Thor The Dark World, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Borderlands 2.

Also join us in approximately 2 hours for the livestream at http://www.twitch.tv/carouselpodcast

Turn 103 – What a Shame he’s not a Whole Guy


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Livestream: http://www.twitch.tv/carouselpodcast

Featuring John MusiM, Scott “Artisan002”, and Stretch.

Music by MusiM.  Buy the music at musim.bandcamp.com

Its been a while and I might not have done that much editing but we’re back!  This turn we discuss Remember Me, Borderlands 2, Assassin’s Creed 2, Infamous, Dragonage Origins, The Stanley Parable, Hawkeye, X-Men, Continuum, and Agents of Shield.

PUP 028: RPG Love Podcast

Episode 26 of the monthly RPG podcast with John and Michael at Picking Up the Pixels.  Follow the link to listen or click the play button below or download it.  Or watch us at http://www.twitch.tv/e1m1network 

Kickstarters in Review

Thought it would be nice to keep a Kickstarter tally of shorts.  List which ones I’ve backed and what I think of them so far.  Probably update once a month or as often as there is new news or feelings to express (ie impatience).  So here we go!

For starters, so far no Kickstarter delivers the goods on time.  Not a single one.  I”m also going to limit to only talking about 5 of the projects I’ve backed at a time so I’m not reviewing 25+ subjects each post.

Chip Maestro

I bit off more than I can chew with this one.  Its a MIDI cartridge for the Nintendo that allows you to directly connect to a MIDI keyboard.  I ordered the dev kit stage which evidently involves writing your own code.  Top that off with this taking 2 years to get out and my excitement for chip tunes has died off significantly.  Great looking product and box that I’m ashamed to say I still haven’t used.

Shadowrun Returns

I’ve been pretty vocal for the most part about this one,.  They were a month or two late from their goal but they delivered.  I joined on the get a copy of the digital game tier and later preordered a collector’s edition.  Gave away the extra Steam code on our forums.  The Kickstarter went great.  The collector’s edition not so much.  The collector’s edition turned out to be a USB dog tag with no data on it.  Mine didn’t even work.  I just received it a week or two ago,  which is several months after the game released.  The USB stick doesn’t even work.  If Hare Brained Schemes was a larger company that I wasn’t worried about going broke I’d bug them about replacing it.  As is, the USB still looks great as dog tags.  Still waiting on the Berlin DLC though.

Double Fine Adventure & Massive Chalice

I’m burnt out on this one.  I’m okay with their new business strategy but I’ve lost confidence in Double Fine’s ability to manage their money.  No I don’t think they blew it on stuff that isn’t the game, I just think they’re a bunch of artists who don’t like math.  But its alright.  The adventure game will come and it will be fine.

Probably the worst part is I’m super excited for Massive Chalice and maybe spent too much on my tier.  But I’m the most worried about this game.  Double Fine has already shown they aren’t going at the money managing.  Fingers crossed!

Veronica Mars Movie

This is probably the funnest kickstarter out there.  Rob Thomas is a funny and charismatic guy.  And I already received my backer t-shirt!  I’m pretty sure the money was almost entirely for backer merch and there’s a movie studio behind everything paying for it because otherwise I don’t know how they can afford this.


X-Men DOFP Trailer Music

So the Days of Future Past trailer is out and you can see it without any Sentinels right here:

Does the music sound familiar? Maybe because it was originally used here:

And here:

And then here:

And here:

There’s even a Wikipedia entry on the use of this song in trailers: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunshine:_Music_from_the_Motion_Picture

Do I need to keep going?


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