Wii Love: Games Adults Should Own

Its the holidays and that means its time for lists!  The Nintendo Wii is a system I have said some pretty harsh things about on the podcast.  But there are a few gems out there that maybe people have missed.  And since pretty much everyone and their dog owns a Wii (statistically speaking at least), I thought I would point out a few gems that aren’t cute and fluffy.  There are several other games not on this list that I suspect hover in the realm of amazing but have not played that I hope to write about soon as well.

No More Heroes is the pinnacle of all that is good on the Wii.  Weighing in at approximately $20 new, this open world action comedy is one of a kind.  Travis Touchdown gets drunk at a bar one night and gets talked into entering the contest to be the best assassin in the world.  Luckily he’s in possession of a working lightsaber he purchased off Ebay and wins his first match.  Soon after this event, the game starts and the player is taken into a world unlike any other.  Mocking anime and action games alike, comedy plus solid gameplay make No More Heroes a must own.

No More Heroes also has one of the best implementations of the Wii motion controls that I’ve experienced to date.  I would actually recommend this game with motion controls than ported to another platform that doesn’t use motion controls.  Do you like how enemies explode into coins in Scott Pilgrim?  Totally happens in No More Heroes.  I’ve heard many reviews and reviewers describe this as a videogame that is not ashamed to be a videogame.  Believe me when I write, this is definitely true.

So take the 1980’s Schwarzenegger flick “Running Man”, color everything in black and white except blood, and then make it more violent and completely amoral.  From the makers of Bayonetta and Vanquish, this is Mad World, the third person perspective action game.  Maybe you’ll play this game for an hour or maybe you’ll play it over and over.  It doesn’t matter because you’ve probably only payed $10 for it, which is the price of attending a movie theater and less than the purchase of a DVD or blue ray minus the gas.  This game is absolute fun and looks fantastic for being on a system that is not designed for high definition.

To those who say first person shooters do not work on the Nintendo Wii with motion controls I say thee Metroid Prime 3!  And then they say we don’t like puzzles we just want to shoot stuff and then I say thee nevermind.  The Metroid Prime series is pretty much perfected in this entry.  The motion controls are absolutely fantastic.  And if the sci fi nerd in you doesn’t geek out when you pull the handle attached to the cylinder, turn it, and re-insert it back into the wall, then seriously go watch some sci fi and come back.  The big catch to this game is it is just as much of a puzzle game as a first person shooter because that is part of what Metroid is.  Action, puzzles, and exploring.  Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is probably my favorite entry into the series although I have yet to play Other M.  Unfortunately Metroid Prime 3 seems to be something of a collector’s item at the moment so if you find it or the Metroid Prime Trilogy for $50 or less, you really should buy it since its going for $80 on Amazon.

You did read the “Adults” part of the title right?  House of the Dead: Overkill set the Guiness Book of World Records for the amount of times the world “Motherfucker” was used in a game.  Clocking in at a little over 2 hours long, this game will cost you $20 new and its 2 players.  $20 would only get two people into a movie theater.  House of the Dead: Overkill is a rail shooter comedy in the style of Tarantino and Rodriguez’s Grindhouse features, Dead Proof and Planet Terror.  The gameplay is somewhat mediocre but the dialog, music, and settings are absolutely hilarious.  The Wii is a party system and this is very much a party game.  Perfect game for throwing back a few drinks and having laughs with friends.

I have such a love hate affair with Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.  The running sequences can be utterly infuriating if your Wii sensor bar and your remote distance are not set properly.  And the running sequences will be the only time you’re in danger in the game.  But the story in the game is so well done that this still rates as a must own.  While Shattered Memories may not be anything like any other Silent Hill game (so much so they shouldn’t have called it Silent Hill), it is still a fairly amazing accomplishment.  Picking up objects and turning them around to search for clues, taking psychological tests that will change what the gaming environment and characters look like, and many variations on the ending, if horror, puzzles, and good story is what you enjoy, then why haven’t you bought this yet?


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