Ubisoft E3 Press Conference

I wonder if we’ll get laser tag again this year?

  • Oh wow.  The spokes man just said “Ubi or not Ubi?”  Laser tag topped with a Shakespeare pun.
  • Farcry 3 trailer shown.   Pretty cool story vibe to this one.  Other than that looks like a typical FPS.  I’m sure this means more for people who have played the Farcry games.
  • Funny how much better Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier looks without Kinect.  Predator style camo, multi-player co-op, and slick as hell 3rd person HUD.  The gameplay looks very nice and tactical.  If there’s any map objective custom-ability like the old Rainbow Six games, I very much could see Kinect taking the place of a game pad in those situations.  But for actual gameplay?  No.  Either way I am genuinely interested in this game.  Seems like they’re hyping up the PC Online community and it really doesn’t take much to make me go PC.
  • Raving Rabids announced for Kinect which is probably a really good idea for that franchise.  Includes whack-a-mole style Raving Rabid action with AR and co-op.
  • Just Dance 3 announced.  I’ve never played these.  Anyone feel like letting me know how they compare to Dance Central?
  • Rock smith guitar announced.  Guess its another learn to play real guitar Guitar Hero type games.  Hope it works.  I’d love to have a friend to jam with once in a while.
  • Holy crap that FMV Assassin’s Creed Revelations preview was awesome!  Game demo is shown and yup, still Assasin’s Creed.  Looks a lot darker than previous games though.  Really gives you the feeling we’re going to see Ezio die in this one.  The environments are a lot crazier.  Like Uncharted 2 crazier.

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