Microsoft E3 Press Conference

So here are some notes and thoughts on the Microsoft press event which maybe come across more as the end result of a live blog.
  • Mass Effect 3 gets Kinect’s voice control.  Read the conversation option out loud and that’s the selection made.  The battle command controls look pretty cool giving the ability the ability to shout orders to team mates.  Sucks that the basic Kinect dashboard voice commands don’t work for my voice.  I know it works for the rest of the internet and it works for Suzy, but its never worked for me.  Because of that I have no confidence that Mass Effect 3 will work for my voice so I’m not moving away from the PC version.  On top of this, what is there goal here?  Anyone who has played Mass Effect on another platform isn’t going to abandon their saves.  Will this get more people to buy Kinect?  I doubt it.  But then again it might give those us who have dubbed Kinect the Dance Central machine another thing to do with it.  Either way, when they come out with that Mass Effect collection for 360 is when I’ll get to find out.
  • Ghost Recon Future Solider Kinect Enabled looks massively confusing to me.  Google Motion Control anyone?
  • I was hoping there would be more information on TV coming to the 360 than a commercial with people sitting on their couch who obviously don’t use their Kinect for motion control.  No way that was 8 feet!  Either way, the appeal of TV coming to platforms for me isn’t that it will be live (which was announced), but that it will be a distribution service and selectable.  I want to watch Castle when I want to watch it, not when a TV programmer decides when I can.  Maybe live TV is a first step toward this, I don’t know.  I’m also curious if there will be any subscription fees for separate services or if we’re looking at an Xbox Platinum  membership.
  • Man Cliffy B sure knows his audience with Gears 3.  Brings out Ice T and announces Body Count is back for an exclusive song for Gears 3 Horde Mode.  ‘Nuff said!
  • Halo remake (which we already knew) but what we didn’t know was 7 classic updated maps for multiplayer.  Do I hear a hell yes from Halo fans?
  • Minecraft coming to 360 and Kinect.  Lot of people will probably be happy about that.
  • I died a little inside when the kids playing the Disney game said “fist bump”.
  • Star Wars Kinect.   Its a rail shooter with voice activated lightsaber.  The combat appears to mostly involve flailing with the ability to hop in real life which causes the character to jump to the back of the opponent.  And the game appears to happen mostly during the first three episodes of Star Wars (as in not 4, 5, and 6).
  • Lots of Kinect Enabled games.  A little disappointing for those of us who like using controllers.  Some of the games look like they’ll be fun and some look like they do not get motion control at all.  The real question is will Microsoft keep faith with the hardcore gamer or go the Nintendo route with an occasional Halo or Gears.  Money talks and Kinect has sold A LOT.
  • Dance Central 2.  Funny part is probably half the audience knows the dances that the stage people are doing now.  And finally co-op!  By the end of this I’m just going have to have a Kinect room in my house.
  • Yup, Halo 4 for 2012.  Saw that coming.

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