Sony E3 Press Conference

And onto Sony!  Gametrailers is telling me the conference is 90 minutes so that whole 5 hour bit was just a rumor.

  • So watching it on the Sony Blog.  The interviews they showed beforehand cracked me up.  Mainly the guy who asked the other guy, “so what do you think of the NGP?” and the guy responds “Oh ho ho ho!”
  • On the PSN a joke aimed at the press and a hardcore apology to the customer base.  I did not expect either of those.  Nor did I expect them to start out talking about the PSN outage or they put it the “elephant in the room”.  I’m sure they’ll get bashed on a lot for making the joke but eh, the press is evil and the joke didn’t actually make light of the situation, just holding a job in the press.
  • And guess we’re getting TV on the PSN as well.  Just go read my comments on it under the Microsoft E3 keynote.
  • Uncharted 3 demo, gorgeous as ever.  And the demo takes place in a capsizing ship.  I use the word “capsizing” because “sinking” is not a good enough descriptor.  Holy crap I love Uncharted!
  • Resistance 3 shown.  Entirely different vibe than the live action trailers gave it.  Lots of crazy giant stuff but I own the first two games.  Nothing they showed really sells me though.  On the other hand, the Move bundle with Resistance 3 is a good deal.  Expensive deal, but you’ll save money than if you bought all those things separately.
  • Playstation brand 24″ 3D TV?  Holy crap it has the dual vision screen thingy, where its split screen without splitting the screen!!!  Like different angles!   The tech nerd in my just went nuts.  The business person in me is asking how much and telling me that I don’t need another TV.  So the TV, glasses, and Resistance game goes for $499.  I don’t like Sony TV’s though!  But crap that’s neat tech.
  • You know I’m really tired of Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony touting the title that comes with their device a best seller.
  • I kind of don’t need to see this Infamous 2 trailer since I kind of preordered it months ago.
  • Already knew about Starhawk.  Curious but the trailer didn’t really tell us anything we didn’t already know.
  • New Sly Cooper which has a pretty devoted fanbase.  I’m wondering where Sucker Punch found time to do a new one though.  Not like they showed gameplay so they might have just started.
  • Bioshock Infinite trailer and Ken Levine comes on stage to tell us its Playstation Move compatible.  Sounds like they just started implementing it.  Also an Irrational game for NGP.
  • Whoa, did this console war just turn into Trekkies versus the Wars?  Phaser replica version of the Move?  Crazy.
  • Surprise, its Playstation Vita (pronounced V-Ta).  Didn’t see that one coming.  I feel like I’m ordering at a Greek Restaurant.  AT&T is the 3G provider.  No pricing yet?  Really?  Really?  Really?  Well it has cross-party chat.  Hope that means PS3 gets it soon cause if not that is a huge bag of fail. Funny story.  Joystiq just posted an article with the Vita prices for North America.  Didn’t learn it from Sony, learnt it from a Joystiq tweet.  $249 for Wi Fi, $299 for 3G.  Yes it is less expensive than the 3DS.   Sony did finally get around to announcing the price at the end.
  • Touch screen Uncharted?  I’ll stick with the buttons.  Game looks like an Uncharted game though which is a huge complement for a handheld device.
  • Ruin for Vita/PS3 sounds interesting.  Diablo/Torchlight style dungeon crawler with multiplayer aspects and cloud based saving.   Not a system buyer but something to consider if the system is bought.
  • And now musical performances.

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