Book Review: Magic Slays

Title:  Magic Strikes (Book 3 in the Kate Daniels Series)
Author: Ilona Andrews
Publisher: Ace Books

I started writing reviews here at The Carousel a few months ago with my review of the third book in the Kate Daniels series, Magic Strikes, and Kate’s back again with another adventure.  This time around, however, there’s more at stake than ever.

Even in the first few pages, Andrews’ writing chops impressed.  She feels far more confident and more comfortable in Kate’s skin.  My previous concerns about the direction of the series overall now feels unfounded; the various threads that Andrews was weaving throughout the previous books now feel like they’re coming together, especially with Kate dealing with her impending duties.

Our favorite titular heroine continues to get fleshed out in Magic Slays.  No longer does she feel like a singularly focused killing machine, most likely due to the newfound responsibilities thrust upon her.  I found her new, self-run business the most intruguing; no longer can she run off half-cocked, blindly stabbing everything in sight.  She has to manage a business, make sure that her shape-shifter employees don’t kill each other, and somehow try to wrangle a giant attack poodle.

Most satisfying of all the relationships in the book is hers with Curran.  It’s incredibly enjoyable to read two hard-headed people struggle against what they really want but it’s even more enjoyable to watch their walls get torn down and see them become a true couple.

The main plot of Magic Slays, however, didn’t grab me as much as the side stories.  It’s not bad, I admit, but I felt it was lacking something that pulled me into the other main storylines of the other books in the series, though I can’t quite put my finger on it.

With Magic Slays, Andrews has definitely outdone herself.  Her characters are better than ever, the action is snappier, and Kate’s still fun as hell.  It’s a series I can suggest without any qualifiers; just grab the books and have fun.


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