Recap-Review-Rant True Blood Season 4 Episode 4 – I’m Alive and on Fire

“You can’t have anymore, there isn’t anymore. You drank the whole faerie, and you’re going to your room.” I have to give the best quote of episode 4 to Sookie. Eric gets completely drunk draining Claudine and this is her answer when he says he wants some more. Her tone and inflection in the delivery were perfect and I was laughing out loud. Eric takes off into the woods after giving Sookie a few playful swats on the bottom just as the sun comes up and Sookie calls on Alcide to help find him. I’ll daydream about that later. When they do find him he’s swimming and Sookie is able to pull off another one when he invites her to join him. “There’s big gators in there you crazy viking.” The look on Alcide’s face is priceless. I especially loved her berating the two of them like they were little boys and she’s the mommy, ‘Alcide stop making that noise and Eric put up those fangs and do what I say,’ it was hilarious. All in all the Eric and Sookie with a side helping of Alcide scenes were great entertainment this episode but did little to move the storyline forward other than showing Eric’s sudden vulnerabilities and emotions, especially his emotions for Sookie. We also get a great scene of Alcide and Sookie alone arguing about Eric staying there. Finally the two of them proclaim they are on each other’s side and in it together, topping it off with a hug. Aaawwww, okay okay, lets move on.

Jason finally gets away!! Oh . . . my . . . god, I was literally cringing at the brother-husband, uncle-daddy references the Hotshot residents kept making, eww. It was hilarious though, when the old man opens the door at Jason’s protests about the young age of one of the women and exclaims ‘Breed ghost daddy, breed’. I couldn’t help but laugh so I guess I’m a little sick too. Thankfully the young girl doesn’t want to be bred anymore than Jason wants to do it and she cuts him loose. Felton chases him down in panther form and Jason turns into survival man and quickly whittles himself a spear that he kills Felton with. Crystal appears, ‘she’s big momma kitty now’, and deluded enough to think Jason still wants to be with her. He tells her he’s done with her, but she seems to think he’ll be back when the next full moon comes. Bleh I hope not, I’m more interested in what’s going to happen to him when Jessica’s blood finally starts messing with his dreams. Oh I forgot to mention that part. Jason wanders through the woods the rest of the day and finally collapses on the side of the highway. Hoyt and Jessica happen to be the ones to find him and Jessica feeds him her blood to save his life. You know that’s going to lead to all kinds of drama later.

Bill isn’t having a very good time of it this episode. Nan Flanagan berates him for sending Eric after the witches in the first place and orders him to clean it up, without spilling any mortal blood. Pam is of course no help whatsoever finding Eric. He finds out Portia, the woman he slept with last episode, is his great-great-great (not sure how many) granddaughter. He discover’s this while meeting the head of the Bellefleur family, Caroline, played by Katherine Helmond (Soap, Who’s the Boss). I kind of hope we see more of her even though I can’t stand her granddaughter. Then Sookie shames Bill completely to keep him from searching her house for Eric. I know there are a ton of Team Bill people out there but, meh. I really can’t feel sorry for him, he kinda deserves whatever he gets in my opinion. Is it just me or are there just a few too many incest references this season? One interesting point that came out of our time with Bill this episode was Nan’s reference to a very angry and justified witch during the inquisition. I don’t think it was any coincidence that the first time we see Marnie she is dreaming about the witch who possessed her and cursed Eric, in her dream the witch was being burned at the stake during the time of the inquisition.

After Marnie’s dream the next time we see her she is being grilled by Jesus, Tara and Lafayette about how to reverse the spell on Eric. She seems to have no concept of the danger she is in, or what vampires can actually do to her. They finally manage to impress upon her a sense of urgency and they start searching for a spell to reverse what happened to Eric. After what seems to be a fruitless search Marnie implores her guides for help and a book falls off the shelf open to the perfect spell. When they meet Pam later that night in the woods to reverse the spell, Marnie is once again possessed by the same powerful witch and she makes half of Pam’s face rot off. It was disgusting. I do have to admit that was kind of the perfect thing to do to Pam if you really wanted to get to her. But if they kill off Pam I will not be a happy camper, I just hope they fix the face rotting thing soon cause I have to constantly turn away when something like that is up on the screen, yuck. Pam of course takes off immediately and that was where the episode ended.

Only a few other things happened of note this episode. Tommy found Melinda and they had a nice little hicksville mother son reunion until Joe Lee shows up and brutilizes Tommy making it apparent he as every intention of sending him back into the dog fighting ring, while Melinda pleads they can’t survive without him and for Joe Lee not to be so rough. If I hadn’t already had my fill of uneducated hicks from Hotshot I probably wouldn’t hate this storyline so much. They do help make Sam’s life more interesting. Speaking of, he surprises the hot shifter he’s been macking on and finds out she has a daughter and a jealous werewolf ex, he probably doesn’t need the Micken’s making his life more interesting right now, I have a feeling this is going to do that all by itself. Let’s not forget Alene’s evil baby. Terry sets him down in the front room where Arlene and the other kids are sleeping on the couch after a sweet little scene where he claims he’s his daddy. We see a red marker writing on the wall and then Terry returns and Arlene awakes to see the words ‘Baby not yours’ on the wall and Mikey playing with the red marker. The doll Jessica gave the baby is laying right there with him. I somehow think it had everything to do with the writing on the way and not the baby who is just smiling happily throughout the whole thing.

We see Alcide one last time when he returns home to Debbie, somehow I think she’s ALOT more unhappy about him going out to help Sookie than she professes to be. Of course she has Alcide totally snowed, bleh. Well, that’s about it. I know I’m a little late again, my schedule is so messed up, but I’m working on it. Getting ready to watch the next episode tonight. I’ve been paying attention to all the news coming out of San Diego Comic Con and it sounds like everything is going to start really heating up soon. Can’t wait to see what happens next!


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