PUP 001: RPG Love Podcast

And now dear friends check out the new monthly RPG podcast with John and Michael at Picking Up the Pixels.  Follow the link to listen or click the play button below or download it.

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/pickingupthepixels/PUP_Episode_001.mp3]



About MusiM
Musician, writer, Gundam model hobbyist, video game lover, host of The Carousel Podcast, and all with a day job.

One Response to PUP 001: RPG Love Podcast

  1. Justin (guess my last name***Hint: read above email adress***) says:

    ahem! It is Yuri Lowenthal who does the mysterious voice in Catherine. He did not do the voice of Teddy. The voice of Teddy is Dave Wittenberg. Excuse me for my apparent snobbery but when Mr. Boston said the mysterious voice was the same as Teddy, I knew that was wrong and I felt I had to leave a message even if NOBODY ever reads it.

    Thanks for the awesome podcast guys. I am really happy there is a podcast that delves into JRPG’s, again great work.

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