TV Review – Summer Sci-fi Television – Alphas

Alphas needs some work, I wouldn’t say it is anywhere near as good as the first season of Heroes, I believe there are a few Heroes alum in the writer and/or production staff of Alphas (it would have been nice if Heroes had stayed as good as it was the first season).  But, Alphas has the potential to be a solid fantasy/superhero drama provided it can iron out some kinks, mostly in character development.  A few of the actors really need to become more comfortable in the skins of the people they are playing.

Dr. Rosen (Strathairn), Nina (Laura Mennell) and Gary (Ryan Cartwright)

The government is aware of the existence of these extraordinary people and our core cast is a team working with the government under a Dr. Lee Rosen, played by David Strathairn.  Dr. Rosen is a neurologist and psychiatrist, not an alpha himself he sees alphas as  special people who sometimes need help in dealing with and controlling their abilities.  This  doesn’t always put him in synch with his government handlers but it does make him a genuine and trustworthy father  figure for the very odd collection of personalities on his team.

Bill (Malik Yoba) and Rachel (Azita Ghanizada)

The show has more of the feel of a crime drama as it leads you  through the alpha team investigating cases where there is the possibility of alpha involvement.  Their primary focus is gathering up and containing those Alphas who are a danger to themselves and others.  Those that end up being a danger are taken to Binghamton Special Research Facility.  We have yet to see this institution other than in fleeting memories, but it tends to give you an ominous feeling when it’s brought up.  Several of the human government agents that Dr. Rosen and his team are forced to work with are inclined to think the worst of the alphas they are sent to apprehend, and the team has more than once had moral dilemmas when turning over an alpha to be shipped to Binghamton.

Cameron (Warren Christie)

There are no costumes in Alpha’s and very little in the way of commonsuperhero clichés.  They have slowly been working through character development and interaction and it has gotten better.  I can’t completely recommend this with the assurance that you will immediately think it’s awesome the way I would have Heroes when it first came out.  It isn’t.  But Heroes was only good for the one season then went down the long winding road to sucksville.  Alphas started out a little weak but has been picking up some speed and slowly but surely growing better and better.  I think personally I would rather have that and it continue on into future seasons and long time enjoyment than one phenomenal season and then crap.  So although I can’t recommend Alphas with a resounding, ‘OMG YOU’VE GOT TO WATCH THIS SHOW!!!’  It might not hurt to give it a try.  It definitely has possibilities and is currently showing signs of growing stronger.  If it can keep this up, then we have the possibility of a phenomenal show in the future.

Nina (Laura Mennell) and Skylar (special guest star Summer Glau)


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