News: Playstation Vita Updates

Several pieces of important information have come out of Sony’s TGS presentation as well as web updates concerning the PSV.

Battery Life posts that the Vita’s battery life will be 3-5 hours when playing a game using headphones with WiFi and Bluetooth turned off.  But the Vita can play video for 5 hours or simply play music for 9 hours.


The 90’s are back my friend except instead of multitasking on PC’s we get to multitask on our game devices.  The Vita allows for web browsing while a game is running, playing music while looking at pictures, and accessing your PSN account.  Evidently the 3DS already does most of this.

So…  Many….  Games!

The amount of games scheduled for the PSV is slightly staggering.  Granted most of these games target a niche audience and really the list is from Japan’s launch which we’ll only get half of, but here are a few highlights: Metal Gear Solid HD, Zone of Enders HD, Persona 4 The Golden, Unnamed Shin Megami Tensei Title, Unnamed Level 5 RPG, Ys IV Remake, Final Fantasy X Remake, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Katamari Damacy, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.  So add all those to the Uncharted and Resistance stuff we already knew.


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