Mech History: Transformers War for Cybertron

Mechs, robots, AI’s the only difference.  They’re still giant awesome metal mechanical machinations.  Any who, ever wonder how much reference and design was taken from actual Transformers series and comics?  Good.  I can write good there because if you answered “no” then you’ve already closed out this article.  So here’s three bits of trivia.   Without further ado!

Optimus Prime
Optimus is definitely the most well known Transformer outside of Grimlok or Bumblebee.  Leader of the Autobots, you already know that.  But what you might not know are the massive similarities between Optimus’s design in War for Cybertron and his design in the 2002 comic series Transformers The War Within by Dreamwave.  The series was written by Simon Furman who became popular writing a large chunk of the original generation 1 comic series by Marvel.
Megatron Turns into a Tank
Its not the first time folks!  The original Megatron turned into a Walther P38 pistol and was therefore banned in the States.  Megatron was later turned into a tank by Cobra Commander in the Generation 2 series launched by Hasbro and Marvel.  Since then, Megatron has typically been depicted as a gray tank in his original form by Dreamwave and IDW comics, along with several of the later TV series such as Armada.
Starscream and Jetfire
In the generation 1 first season episode “Fire in the Sky” (notice the achievement/trophy), Jetfire made his first appearance and takes the Decepticon mantle. The reason being that both he and Starscream were scientists and friends before the war.  Jetfire is then frozen Captain America style in ice and missed the whole Autobot/Decepticon division.  Jetfire’s toy was actually taken out of commission because Hasbro ripped off the Macross Valkyrie design. The design of Jetfire in the game is reminiscent of the combined design of the generation 1 cartoon and the toy, similar to the “Voyager Classic” toy.  The idea being, the original toy’s head is actually a helmet the original cartoon version wears.

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