Turn 68 – Best of the Year 2011

Direct Download

Direct Download

Direct Download

Featuring Joey, John “MusiM”, Lauren “Literally”, Scott, and Suzy “Specter”.

Music by MusiM.  Buy the music at musim.bandcamp.com

Join us as we cover a massive amount time in this three part episode where we talk about our favorite releases and media/art we experienced in 2011.  Now with extra music.

Be sure and email us for the next show at carouselpodcast@gmail.com!


About MusiM
Musician, writer, Gundam model hobbyist, video game lover, host of The Carousel Podcast, and all with a day job.

6 Responses to Turn 68 – Best of the Year 2011

  1. Justin says:

    Great podcast, but why the “gay” comments in the second one when talking about Transformers? Gay != Bad

    • Justin says:

      But I guess the third podcast (video game edition) does good on that. 😛 Yay for Skyrim lesbians, hah.

      • joeynebula says:

        I never mean to offend people when I use the word. It’s just something i’ve been using for so long it’s a hard habit to break. All my friends in highschool were gay (im and I do mean all) and it was something we all used to say. I can see how it does help to further a bad connotation to the homosexual community but i’ve never meant it to when I say it. Maybe we should start saying “that’s so hetro” when we want to say something is lame.

      • Justin says:

        Thanks for the responses, guys. I love the podcast and was just a bit perturbed when I heard that. You’re breadth of entertainment coverage and impassioned commentary would have been missed. Keep up the great work and the awesome “customer service,” too.

    • MusiM says:

      If it helps Suzy’s sister is very homoesexual. And I made out with a dude a decade ago. We weren’t looking to offend in that regard! There’s actually a pretty decent size homosexual community in Tulsa.

  2. Anka says:

    The email was well rewritten and your ponits were made very clearly. Like your way of delivery even more than the writing ponits. Maybe you can give a lesson on how to explain an issue verbally.Thanks.

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