Book Review: Blue Sky Days by Marie Landry

Title: Blue Sky Days

Author: Marie Landry

Blue Sky Days is a debut book by author Marie Landry who I have had the chance to get to know, not only through her blog but also through twitter.  Blue Sky Days is about Emma Ward, who after graduating high-school finds herself at a loss for what to do next.  Rebelling against her mother, Emma moves in with her Aunt Daisy and meets Nicholas Shaw.  But it’s not all is fun and plain sailing for Emma and Nicholas.


I  requested Blue Sky Days a while ago from Marie because I could relate to what was going on in the book through a similar experience and I am so glad I did or I would have missed out on a great read.  Marie has wrote a book that makes the emotions and feelings so real its hard not to get drawn in and start to feel a part of it all.  You want to keep reading to find out what happens next.  Will they survive the next hurdle thrown at them?  Will it be good news or bad?

I loved the description of not only the town and the characters, but even the littlest detail of the weather, or what the characters see.  It was so easy to imagine it all that it made me wish I lived there.  I really disliked Emma’s Mother for her attitude towards Emma and for a while didn’t think much of her Father for going along with what she wanted, but when he finally comes to his senses I was happy to see him take a more active role in Emma’s new life she had built for herself.

The raw emotion behind the story had me crying a lot, even more so when it came to Nicholas going into hospital.  The worry and emotion behind it all brought back my own memories of having the same feelings but once I started I could not put Blue Sky Days down and finished it the next day.

Marie is an author to keep an eye on and hopefully she is busy thinking of more stories to write.  Everyone should pick up a copy of her book and hopefully you will all have a “Blue Sky Day” everyday.

Marie Landry, Author

Marie was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule organising her blog tour to send me some fun facts.

Music is a big part of my life. I draw inspiration from it,but it’s rare that I can listen to it while I’m actually writing because I find it distracting and will end up singing and sometimes even dancing along.

I knit scarves for charity. Every winter, they go to kids in the community who need warm winter clothes.

I always thought I would write adult romance, so it was as much a surprise to me as to everyone else when I ended up writing YA romance.

I’m a Harry Potter fanatic. If I could have any fantasy world be real, it would be Hogwarts, and I would of course be best friends withHarry, Ron, and Hermione.


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  1. Marie Landry says:

    Thank you so much, Michelle!! 🙂

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