News: Video Game Releases

This is where we put out some info about the games we think are going to be somewhere between decent and awesome that release today or later this week.  Typically we skip over the heavy hitters.  Sorry Call of Duty, but 8 million people usually already know about your release date.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – 360, PC, PS3

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Developed by Big Huge Games and 38 Studios and published by EA and 38 Studios.  Reckoning is a stylized open world RPG romp featuring writing by R.A. Salvatore, best known for his work on AD&D Forgotten Realms novels including the creation of fan favorite Drizzt Do’Urden, as well as art design by Todd McFarlane (Spawn).


Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition – 360, PC, PS3

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Developed by Obsidian and published by Bethesda.  Obsidian took what Bethesda did with Fallout 3 and turned it on its head creating a crazy world of consequence with no black and white path to victory.  This version includes all the DLC.


Darkness 2 – 360, PC, PS3

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Developed by Digital Extremes and published by 2K.  Digital Extremes has developed and co-developed such legendary titles as Bioshock and Unreal as well as the cult favorite Dark Sector.  Darkness 2 is based off of the comic license from Image Comics.  The game protagonist Jackie Estacado is basically the middle of a mob war as he possesses the demonic darkness, who is voiced by Mike Patton (Mr Bungle, Faith No More, The Fantomas, the angry personality orb from the first Portal, the creatures from I Am legend, zombies in Left 4 Dead, no I’m not a fan <-sarcasm <-professional journalistic writing).  The game itself is a first person shooter enhanced by darkness powers including ripping off car doors and using them as shields, creating minions, eating people for health, things like that.


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