News: Video Game Releases

This is where we put out some info about the games we think are going to be somewhere between decent and awesome that release today or later this week.  Typically we skip over the heavy hitters.  Sorry Call of Duty, but 8 million people usually already know about your release date.

Asura’s Wrath – 360, PS3

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Developed by CyberConnect2 (they did a metric TON of dot Hack and Naruto games) and published by Capcom.  To be clear we’re not clear at all on this title, and we understand most of the Shin Megam Tensei games.  So Asura is accused of murdering the Emperor and his wife is captured and there’s something about Mithra and Deus and then there’s a giant finger attacking the planet that is god or something and he explodes when you punch him in the finger.  See, English doesn’t even work when describing this game.  Be warned, QTE’s are abundant.


Syndicate – 360, PC, PS3

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Developed by Starbreeze (The Chronicles of Riddick, The Darkness) and published by EA.  This is a new take on the old classic Syndicate Wars franchise Peter Molyneux is often credited for.  The original series was about taking four agents, replacing their body parts with cybernetics, pumping them full of drugs, and taking over the world in a violent, mind controlling fashion.  The new version appear to have taken this ruthless logic and applied it to an FPS.  Now with dubstep.


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