Comics Review: Mass Effect Evolution

Mass Effect Evolution

Dark Horse Comics – 4 Issues

Mac Walters
John Jackson Miller
Omar Francia

This will be short and sweet.  Mass Effect Evolution is a prequel to a very important character in the Mass Effect universe.  If you read the Amazon entry in the link above that reveal will be spoiled for you.  Although to be honest, the answer to the importance of protagonist Jack Harper may be identified in one of the videogames’ codex entries.  This comic series is short and sweet.  The artwork is good and the writing is average.  There isn’t a lot a story that can get done in four issues.  This series will only be appealing to fans of the games who want a little more out of the Mass Effect universe and its characters.  The story starts out following a small mercenary band working for the Alliance during the human/turian war.


Almost every character in the comic is related somehow to the characters we know and love from the videogames.  General Williams.: last name and occupation coincidence?  I think not.   And who shows up fairly quickly as the the main turian’s brother?  Saren.  Plus the origin of a certain organization.


The plot and story of the comic ring hollow and could have used quite a bit more character development.  There’s an action scene every other page.  And the female protagonists cleavage is comical.   She has a jumpsuit on with a zipper in the front that randonly gets zipped half way down all the time but never zips up past cleavage point.


Again, really just for the Mass Effect fans who want a quick dose of origin story.  The story isn’t substantial but seeing where a few of the characters got their start is pretty neat.  The art is only good and doesn’t really go beyond the necessary which is sometimes all you need.  While physical back issues aren’t cheap and the trade paper back isn’t out, all four issues are available for around $2 a piece in digital form.  Check the Apple store for the Dark Horse app and download away.


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