This Week’s Video Game Release

This is where we put out some info about the games we think are going to be somewhere between decent and awesome that release today or later this week.  Typically we skip over the heavy hitters.  Sorry Call of Duty, but 8 million people usually already know about your release date.

Lollipop Chainsaw – 360/PS3

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Developed by Grasshopper (Shadows of the Damned, No More Heroes, Killer 7) and published by Warner Brothers of all companies.  Truth be told, I can see a lot of people being turned off by a scantily clad female protagonist.  But being as this is a Grasshopper release, its guaranteed to be absolutely insane.  And from the looks of the trailers, its going to be bloody and ridiculous.  Your boyfriend is a head you carry around and you’re a scantily clad cheerleader chainsawing zombies.  How you react to that sentence is probably about all that’s needed to know.  Also Jimmy Urine, the vocalist for Mindless Self Indulgence, seems to have worked with Akira Yamaoka on the soundtrack.


Gravity Rush – PSV

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Developed by SCE Japan and published by Sony.  Some of SCE Japan evidently worked on the original Silent Hill and that crazy sight jacking game Siren.  This game is readily playable on most of the PSV displays at retailers.  The jist of Gravity Rush is the female protagonist can change her center of gravity.  Its a ton of fun from the demo.  Judging from current reviews, the gravity mechanic and graphics are pretty awesome but the story missions fall into a bit more of just okay.  Either way, it’ll be one I pick up when I finally get a PSV/


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