Editorial: What Comics I Read This Week

This is a quick, to the point section on what I picked up in comics in the last couple days and what I think of them.

Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite: Gamora

Writer: Brian Bendis
Artist: Yves Bigerel
Marvel has been releasing the Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite comics free digitally.  This is the third, the previous ones being Drax and Rocket Raccoon.  The fascinating thing about these comics is aside from Rocket Raccoon’s they are almost completely dialog free.  The artwork and action in this comic is pretty friggin’ awesome.  I did enjoy the issue as a whole but I find myself questioning as to if Bendis actually knows anything about Gamora other than that she’s Thanos’ adopted daughter and the whole Badoon bit.  The issue I have is Gamora is awesome but totally not a good person.  In this comic, she’s a good person.I do think it sadly bears pointing out Gamora can now afford clothes!  Lets hope it sticks!

Injustice: Gods Among Us #12

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Jheremy Raapack
Truth be told, I don’t think anything is going to beat the first 8 issues or so of this series.  But #12 still keeps it mostly up, say a 4 star issue compared to most of the 5 stars the series has been dishing out but still better than #11.  If you haven’t read my previous review of the series so far its here.  I also talk quite a bit about the series in the upcoming podcast which I hopefully will get uploaded in the next day or so.This issue primarily concerns Aquaman reacting to Superman’s new world order.  Oh sure he doesn’t claim to be a ruler but that’s what its heading to.

Man I do not want to spend $60 on a player versus player fighter but since this series is a prequel to the game, I think I have to figure out where to get $60 from.  I can’t recommend this series enough and its only 99 cents an issue on Comixology.  If you’re like me you’ll buy everything that’s available all at once and foam at the mouth waiting for next week’s installment.  Did I mention this was a weekly series?

All-New X-Men #10

Writer: Brian Bendis
Artist: Stuart Immonen
You know what?  I love this series.  Its premise is absolutely ridiculous.  The characters may not be the ones I remember but I love it.  Bendis for the most part does a wonderful job of playing the middle line in the Cyclops versus all the other mutants debate with plenty of jabs and good points to keep the audience guessing as to which side he’s on.  In this issue Cyclops visits the school looking for new recruits.  There is less focus on the young X-Men but Cyclops and Jean get plenty of spotlight.  And really when it comes down to it, the future is a dystopia for the original X-Men and its wonderful to see them react to it.

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