360 Love – Stocking Stuffer Games

Here are 5 must own exclusive games for the 360 under $30 so they will all make a perfect gift!  Spoiler alert, for the downloadables go buy those discounted point cards from Amazon and Gamestop.

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Turn 16 – The Vagina Analogues

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Featuring John “MusiM” Beauchamp, Justyn “Knaustalgia”, Holly, and Suzy “Specter”.

Music: Intro – Untitled by MusiM; Outro – Untitled

This week continues our Women of Gaming series where we discuss everything under the sun in terms of games and the females’ opinions thus of.


Microsft USB information: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/hardware/accessories/storage/

PLEASE NOTE: Next week’s episode will not continue our women of gaming series as a conflict of schedules. Instead next week we will air an episode allegedly on videogames (but more about dick and fart jokes) for the interim.

Turn 3 – Alan Wake and the DragonAge Expansions

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Featuring John “MusiM” Beauchamp, Scott Coward, and Justyn.

Music: Intro – Untitled by MusiM; Outro – Indignant by MusiM

Scott Coward hosts with subjects including but not limited to Alan Wake, DragonAge: Origins: Awakening, DragonAge: Origins: Darkspawn Chronicles, Turok, Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey, Crackdown, Dark Void, and Dead Rising.

Remember, we’re a biweekly podcast! We won’t always have something to post every week so enjoy it while it lasts!

A couple quick technical notes, we still don’t have our recording technique quite down and Justin is a bit hard to hear. Please bear with us as we get everything worked out!