X-Men: 10 Facts from 1-50

After reading the first 50 issues of the original run of X-Men I decided it would be fun to present 10 interesting tidbits which might be retroactively changed later because that’s what comics do.  The original X-Men are radically different from what they become.  And if you aren’t familiar with them, the original team only consisted of Cyclops, Marvel Girl (Jean Grey), Beast, Iceman, and Angel.

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TV Review: X-Men Evolution

X-Men Evolution has been a favorite kid’s TV Show of mine for a few years now although I had never seen the last season.  Luckily Netflix has it on streaming so now I can without guilt talk about my likes and dislikes of this series.

In every single instance of X-Men being translated from comics to TV or film, tons of things are significantly changed.  From the made up characters such as Morph to the complete fabrications, the source material never stays anywhere near the same.  So when I tell you X-Men Evolution takes a handful of the X-Men and puts them in high school, any grip is null and void.  Plus when it comes down to it the original five X-Men started as teenagers.

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TV Review: X-Men Anime (2011)

Marvel commissioned 4 Japanese animations back in 2009 including Iron Man, Wolverine, Blade, and the one we’re going to talk about, X-Men.  No franchise inspires such arguing and hatred among fans like X-Men.  Whether the fan is team Cyclops or team Wolverine or one of the other mutants, everyone has a favorite character and a few characters they hate.  And on top of all this with literally a few thousand X-Men comics in existence, half a dozen movies, and half a dozen TV shows, there’s a lot of material to completely change any given character.  Most Americans, for better or worse, probably get most of their X-knowledge from the 90’s Fox animated series.  Well the X-Men anime, by Madhouse and directed by Fuminori Kizaki, is not any of these things but I’m still here to tell its a lot of fun.

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