06/09/2016 – Skeletons and the Raising Thereof

Yellow King James Bible

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This episode we discuss An exciting announcement, Non-new releases, More Injustice, Additional zombies, Accessing Electronic Arts, A Valentine’s Day gift, The borders of polished glass, Additional ripping and tearing, Flashy time travelers, Clone 45, Arcane Warlocks, and a new segment outlining how Jake continues to embarrass himself.



E3 2013


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Its all E3 this turn.

Nintendo E3 Press Conference

And finally we get to the big reveal!  Will the Wii2 cook healthy but tasty food while still delivering above 3.6 alcoholic beverages and spray pheromones that encourage parents to spend time with their kids?  Lets find out!

  • Nintendo wins in the biggest screen department.
  • And Nintendo opens up with a live orchestra doing a Zelda medley with scenes for all the Zelda games and moving into what can only be Skyward Sword.  Glad to see Nintendo is actually doing something for the 25th anniversary for Zelda.  Link’s Awakening is now available on Nintendo’s e-shop.  Legend of Zelda 3D launches next week.  Four Swords Adventure free download, that is freaking awesome because that game is way fun.  Skyward Sword out this holiday.  Golden Wii Mote will be released too.  Legend of Zelda orchestra world tour!
  • Onto the 3DS game lineup starting with Mario Kart with customizable karts.
  • Starfox in 3D with motion control?  Does not sound like that combo will go over well but motion is optional.  Fully voiced though and looks nice.
  • Super Mario 3D.  Yup, its a Mario game.
  • Kid Icarus.  I was always confused by the excitement over this odd platformer.  I mean the new version is absolutely nothing like the original in any aspect.  It also weirds me out that the new Kid Icarus has some gritty dark sword wielding side kick.
  • And a Luigi’s Mansion sequel.  I’m really not the target audience for most of this.
  • Limited time free version of Excite Bike for 3DS.
  • And Pokemon with AR and in 3D.
  • And now the WiiU.  A iPad type device that can be moved from TV to the giant pad device.  Features a lot of integration with the TV.  Its backwards compatible with previous software and hardware.  Controller features a screen, camera, touch screen, and a microphone.  Not designed to be a portable video game machine.  Works by wirelessly communicating with the main system.  Also includes internet browser and video chat.  Seems to be some form of HD but they haven’t told us to what extent.
  • Smash Brothers announced for Nintendo 3DS and WiiU.
  • And now a montage of all the big names in the industry and announcing their games for the WiiU including Batman Arkham City, Assassin’s Creed (unspecified which), Darksiders 2, Dirt, Aliens, Ghost Recon, Metro Last Light, Tekken, and Ninja Gaiden 3 (with blood).
  • The part I’m a bit lost on is how good their HD is.  I don’t know if its my feed but they didn’t quite look as good as the 360 or PS3.  Obviously its good enough that all the modern games can hit it but Nintendo’s going to do for a low price point to keep their customer base.  And Nintendo likes to make money day one on their consoles.  So how hardcore is the tech?  I’ll be curious to see if this system really does have a place in the market.  As is the tech nerd in me is sold but not overly impressed.  The gamer in me doesn’t have much of a reason to get one though.

Sony E3 Press Conference

And onto Sony!  Gametrailers is telling me the conference is 90 minutes so that whole 5 hour bit was just a rumor.

  • So watching it on the Sony Blog.  The interviews they showed beforehand cracked me up.  Mainly the guy who asked the other guy, “so what do you think of the NGP?” and the guy responds “Oh ho ho ho!”
  • On the PSN a joke aimed at the press and a hardcore apology to the customer base.  I did not expect either of those.  Nor did I expect them to start out talking about the PSN outage or they put it the “elephant in the room”.  I’m sure they’ll get bashed on a lot for making the joke but eh, the press is evil and the joke didn’t actually make light of the situation, just holding a job in the press.
  • And guess we’re getting TV on the PSN as well.  Just go read my comments on it under the Microsoft E3 keynote.
  • Uncharted 3 demo, gorgeous as ever.  And the demo takes place in a capsizing ship.  I use the word “capsizing” because “sinking” is not a good enough descriptor.  Holy crap I love Uncharted!
  • Resistance 3 shown.  Entirely different vibe than the live action trailers gave it.  Lots of crazy giant stuff but I own the first two games.  Nothing they showed really sells me though.  On the other hand, the Move bundle with Resistance 3 is a good deal.  Expensive deal, but you’ll save money than if you bought all those things separately.
  • Playstation brand 24″ 3D TV?  Holy crap it has the dual vision screen thingy, where its split screen without splitting the screen!!!  Like different angles!   The tech nerd in my just went nuts.  The business person in me is asking how much and telling me that I don’t need another TV.  So the TV, glasses, and Resistance game goes for $499.  I don’t like Sony TV’s though!  But crap that’s neat tech.
  • You know I’m really tired of Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony touting the title that comes with their device a best seller.
  • I kind of don’t need to see this Infamous 2 trailer since I kind of preordered it months ago.
  • Already knew about Starhawk.  Curious but the trailer didn’t really tell us anything we didn’t already know.
  • New Sly Cooper which has a pretty devoted fanbase.  I’m wondering where Sucker Punch found time to do a new one though.  Not like they showed gameplay so they might have just started.
  • Bioshock Infinite trailer and Ken Levine comes on stage to tell us its Playstation Move compatible.  Sounds like they just started implementing it.  Also an Irrational game for NGP.
  • Whoa, did this console war just turn into Trekkies versus the Wars?  Phaser replica version of the Move?  Crazy.
  • Surprise, its Playstation Vita (pronounced V-Ta).  Didn’t see that one coming.  I feel like I’m ordering at a Greek Restaurant.  AT&T is the 3G provider.  No pricing yet?  Really?  Really?  Really?  Well it has cross-party chat.  Hope that means PS3 gets it soon cause if not that is a huge bag of fail. Funny story.  Joystiq just posted an article with the Vita prices for North America.  Didn’t learn it from Sony, learnt it from a Joystiq tweet.  $249 for Wi Fi, $299 for 3G.  Yes it is less expensive than the 3DS.   Sony did finally get around to announcing the price at the end.
  • Touch screen Uncharted?  I’ll stick with the buttons.  Game looks like an Uncharted game though which is a huge complement for a handheld device.
  • Ruin for Vita/PS3 sounds interesting.  Diablo/Torchlight style dungeon crawler with multiplayer aspects and cloud based saving.   Not a system buyer but something to consider if the system is bought.
  • And now musical performances.

Ubisoft E3 Press Conference

I wonder if we’ll get laser tag again this year?

  • Oh wow.  The spokes man just said “Ubi or not Ubi?”  Laser tag topped with a Shakespeare pun.
  • Farcry 3 trailer shown.   Pretty cool story vibe to this one.  Other than that looks like a typical FPS.  I’m sure this means more for people who have played the Farcry games.
  • Funny how much better Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier looks without Kinect.  Predator style camo, multi-player co-op, and slick as hell 3rd person HUD.  The gameplay looks very nice and tactical.  If there’s any map objective custom-ability like the old Rainbow Six games, I very much could see Kinect taking the place of a game pad in those situations.  But for actual gameplay?  No.  Either way I am genuinely interested in this game.  Seems like they’re hyping up the PC Online community and it really doesn’t take much to make me go PC.
  • Raving Rabids announced for Kinect which is probably a really good idea for that franchise.  Includes whack-a-mole style Raving Rabid action with AR and co-op.
  • Just Dance 3 announced.  I’ve never played these.  Anyone feel like letting me know how they compare to Dance Central?
  • Rock smith guitar announced.  Guess its another learn to play real guitar Guitar Hero type games.  Hope it works.  I’d love to have a friend to jam with once in a while.
  • Holy crap that FMV Assassin’s Creed Revelations preview was awesome!  Game demo is shown and yup, still Assasin’s Creed.  Looks a lot darker than previous games though.  Really gives you the feeling we’re going to see Ezio die in this one.  The environments are a lot crazier.  Like Uncharted 2 crazier.

Microsoft E3 Press Conference

So here are some notes and thoughts on the Microsoft press event which maybe come across more as the end result of a live blog.
  • Mass Effect 3 gets Kinect’s voice control.  Read the conversation option out loud and that’s the selection made.  The battle command controls look pretty cool giving the ability the ability to shout orders to team mates.  Sucks that the basic Kinect dashboard voice commands don’t work for my voice.  I know it works for the rest of the internet and it works for Suzy, but its never worked for me.  Because of that I have no confidence that Mass Effect 3 will work for my voice so I’m not moving away from the PC version.  On top of this, what is there goal here?  Anyone who has played Mass Effect on another platform isn’t going to abandon their saves.  Will this get more people to buy Kinect?  I doubt it.  But then again it might give those us who have dubbed Kinect the Dance Central machine another thing to do with it.  Either way, when they come out with that Mass Effect collection for 360 is when I’ll get to find out.
  • Ghost Recon Future Solider Kinect Enabled looks massively confusing to me.  Google Motion Control anyone?
  • I was hoping there would be more information on TV coming to the 360 than a commercial with people sitting on their couch who obviously don’t use their Kinect for motion control.  No way that was 8 feet!  Either way, the appeal of TV coming to platforms for me isn’t that it will be live (which was announced), but that it will be a distribution service and selectable.  I want to watch Castle when I want to watch it, not when a TV programmer decides when I can.  Maybe live TV is a first step toward this, I don’t know.  I’m also curious if there will be any subscription fees for separate services or if we’re looking at an Xbox Platinum  membership.
  • Man Cliffy B sure knows his audience with Gears 3.  Brings out Ice T and announces Body Count is back for an exclusive song for Gears 3 Horde Mode.  ‘Nuff said!
  • Halo remake (which we already knew) but what we didn’t know was 7 classic updated maps for multiplayer.  Do I hear a hell yes from Halo fans?
  • Minecraft coming to 360 and Kinect.  Lot of people will probably be happy about that.
  • I died a little inside when the kids playing the Disney game said “fist bump”.
  • Star Wars Kinect.   Its a rail shooter with voice activated lightsaber.  The combat appears to mostly involve flailing with the ability to hop in real life which causes the character to jump to the back of the opponent.  And the game appears to happen mostly during the first three episodes of Star Wars (as in not 4, 5, and 6).
  • Lots of Kinect Enabled games.  A little disappointing for those of us who like using controllers.  Some of the games look like they’ll be fun and some look like they do not get motion control at all.  The real question is will Microsoft keep faith with the hardcore gamer or go the Nintendo route with an occasional Halo or Gears.  Money talks and Kinect has sold A LOT.
  • Dance Central 2.  Funny part is probably half the audience knows the dances that the stage people are doing now.  And finally co-op!  By the end of this I’m just going have to have a Kinect room in my house.
  • Yup, Halo 4 for 2012.  Saw that coming.

Konami Pre-E3 Press Conference

The Konami pre-E3 press event is available online to watch at Gametrailers:  http://www.gametrailers.com/video/e3-2011-konami/714570

Here are the things we think are interesting and why:

  • Metal Gear Solid (MGS)  HD Collection has been announced for release in November for both the 360 and PS3.  This is the first time that MGS will grace the 360.  The collection includes MGS 2, 3, and MGS Peacewalker.  So no MGS1.  The PSP savegame will be transferable to the PS3 version.  Personally, I would think this release would undermine the purchase of Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater for 3DS.  Why pay $30-$50 for the 3DS game when you can buy the collection for probably a lower or similar price point in November?
  • Megadeth did a new song for the NeverDead trailer.  Yup, Peace Sells…  But Who’s Buyin’?
  • Silent Hill HD Collection only includes Silent Hill 2 and 3 for both 360 and PS3.  Since they announced this at the end of some interviews involving the upcoming movie, there’s a decent chance the release date will be somewhere near the movie release.  Kind of odd to leave out Silent Hill 1 since 3 is a direct sequel to it.
  • And most importantly if you didn’t hear it on TVGP, Zone of Enders HD Collection, PS3 and 360.  Everyone should buy this because I want them to make a third.  Yeah I’m not a professional, I get to write stuff like that.
  • Also new Contra in the works and its probably the game Kojima is working on.

Turn 6: E3 and The Evil Eye

Part 1:

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Part 2:

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Featuring John “MusiM”, Justyn, Scott, and our special guest Stretch.

Music: Intro – Untitled by MusiM; Middle and Outros – “Idle Tides” by MusiM

This week its all about E3 and we talked so much about it we split it into two episodes for your convenience. We start out talking about the Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony presenteations for part 1. In part 2 we talk about all the games we’re looking forward to and yes, there are a TON. Enjoy!