A Temporary Chemical Imbalance caused by Poison Elves

I’d like to take some time now to talk about one of my favorite graphic novels series Poison Elves.  Poison Elves was created written and drawn by Drew Hayes and remained in indy status, published in black and white throughout the entirety of its run.  It began in 1991 as a self-published work under the Mulehide Graphics label and was titled I,Lusiphur, referring to the main character, a young (by elf standards) elf with a bad temper, a cynical disposition and knack for getting into trouble.  With issue #8 Hayes changed the title to Poison Elves and continued his direct market publishing.  In 1995 he signed a lifetime contract with Sirius Entertainment, the sometimes home of another favorite of mine Joseph Michael Linsner, the creator of Dawn. Read more of this post