News: Video Game Releases

This is where we put out some info about the games we think are going to be somewhere between decent and awesome that release today or later this week.  Typically we skip over the heavy hitters.  Sorry Call of Duty, but 8 million people usually already know about your release date.

Journey – PSN

Developed by thatgamecompany and published by Sony.  Journey is the third game released by the critically acclaimed company, with the previous two being Flow and Flower.   Technically the game released last week for PSN Plus users but today it is available for everyone.  Describing a game by this company oftentimes sounds insane so we will refrain from it.  But know we have played it and we love it and believe you will too unless you’r lacking in the soul department.


Turn 73 – I Keep Looking at Scott’s Burrito

Direct Download

Featuring Joey “Nebula”, John “MusiM”, Sam Bell, and Scott “Artisan002”.

Music by MusiM.  Buy the music at

Our intended topics of discussion are Young Justice, Spice and Wolf, Everything Matters, Columbine, Fatale, Mass Effect 3, Journey, and Spyro.

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News: Journey PS3 Beta

Journey is now starting an open Beta according to the Playstation Blog (link below).  The Beta will run from June 28 through July 12.  Allegedly early adopters of Flower and PSN Plus subscribers will be eligible and be invited from the XMB.

Journey is made by ThatGameCompany most notably the developers of Flow and Flower.  Journey is a multiplayer experience that does not use headsets or PSN names that is literally about the title.  The game involves exploring a desert and ruins while occasionally running into other individuals with only the in game controls for interaction.