TV Review – Summer Sci-fi Television – Alphas

Alphas needs some work, I wouldn’t say it is anywhere near as good as the first season of Heroes, I believe there are a few Heroes alum in the writer and/or production staff of Alphas (it would have been nice if Heroes had stayed as good as it was the first season).  But, Alphas has the potential to be a solid fantasy/superhero drama provided it can iron out some kinks, mostly in character development.  A few of the actors really need to become more comfortable in the skins of the people they are playing.


Recap-Review-Rant True Blood Season 4 Episode 4 – I’m Alive and on Fire

“You can’t have anymore, there isn’t anymore. You drank the whole faerie, and you’re going to your room.” I have to give the best quote of episode 4 to Sookie. Eric gets completely drunk draining Claudine and this is her answer when he says he wants some more. Her tone and inflection in the delivery were perfect and I was laughing out loud. Eric takes off into the woods after giving Sookie a few playful swats on the bottom just as the sun comes up and Sookie calls on Alcide to help find him. I’ll daydream about that later. When they do find him he’s swimming and Sookie is able to pull off another one when he invites her to join him. “There’s big gators in there you crazy viking.” The look on Alcide’s face is priceless. I especially loved her berating the two of them like they were little boys and she’s the mommy, ‘Alcide stop making that noise and Eric put up those fangs and do what I say,’ it was hilarious. All in all the Eric and Sookie with a side helping of Alcide scenes were great entertainment this episode but did little to move the storyline forward other than showing Eric’s sudden vulnerabilities and emotions, especially his emotions for Sookie. We also get a great scene of Alcide and Sookie alone arguing about Eric staying there. Finally the two of them proclaim they are on each other’s side and in it together, topping it off with a hug. Aaawwww, okay okay, lets move on.

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Recap-Review-Rant True Blood Season 4 Episode 3 – If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin?

Finally Alcide!!  Okay I got that out of my system.  His first appearance was a little marred due to the reappearance of a certain were-bitch that came along with him, but I’ll get to that later.  All together this was a pretty great episode.  As usual there were a few things I could have done without, but on the whole I was pleased.  It looks like Bill and Jason are the only guys getting any this season.  One of those I just don’t understand and the other I feel sorry for.  Hope he gets a better storyline next season, if he lives . . . you never know in Bon Temps.

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Recap-Review-Rant True Blood Season 4 Episode 2 – You Smell Like Dinner

Okay I’m going to try this a little bit differently this time.  I don’t think the scene by scene recap is really the way to go, there are plenty of those out there already and it makes this kind of long and a lot more time consuming and with work and my other commitments I just don’t have that much time.  This is a work in progress so it’s liable to change a few times until I find a happy medium.  So without further ado let’s jump right in to episode two.

Overall this was a much better episode than the first one but, bleh, what a way to start out.  Ewwww, seriously with the licking the open wound on Jason’s forehead.  This really grossed me out, I know that doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense when you’re talking about a vampire show where you watch people drinking blood all the time, but I never promised to be consistent or sensible.  I really hate this storyline and I seriously wish they would do something different with Jason.  I don’t know if they’re following the books on this one but I just can’t stand it.

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Kildy’s 3 R’s – Recap-Review-Rant – True Blood Season 4 Ep 1

She’s Not There – Season Premier

Hi, this is something new I’m going to be trying.  I’ll be doing a weekly recap of each episode of True Blood this season.  A couple of things you should know . . . First, this is a recap, it is meant to be read AFTER you watch the episode so it will definitely have spoilers in it.  Second, I have never read the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris, so I won’t be referencing them.  Now . . . let’s jump right in shall we.

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Book and TV Review/Reflections: Game of Thrones

 The Price Film Makers Pay for Staying True to the Book

The HBO Series Game of Thrones is a beautiful example of television staying true to the source material from which it was based. The writer’s of this series have done something very few in their business have been able to manage; they’ve condensed a complex and widespread story into hour long segments for the viewing public without sacrificing any of the real meat of the story. Sadly instead of being praised by the majority of it’s audience for this rare gift, staying true to the first book in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Fire & Ice Series, has caused them to be derided with criticism and threats to quit watching the show.

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Turn 37 – I Really Am a Girl

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Featuring John “MusiM”, Suzy “Specter”, Kildy, and the Dastardly Sprite.

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This week we aim to discuss games including DC Universe Online, Rift, World of Warcraft, Aion, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Dead Space Ignition, Alpha Protocol, Dead Space 2, and many others.

A Temporary Chemical Imbalance caused by Poison Elves

I’d like to take some time now to talk about one of my favorite graphic novels series Poison Elves.  Poison Elves was created written and drawn by Drew Hayes and remained in indy status, published in black and white throughout the entirety of its run.  It began in 1991 as a self-published work under the Mulehide Graphics label and was titled I,Lusiphur, referring to the main character, a young (by elf standards) elf with a bad temper, a cynical disposition and knack for getting into trouble.  With issue #8 Hayes changed the title to Poison Elves and continued his direct market publishing.  In 1995 he signed a lifetime contract with Sirius Entertainment, the sometimes home of another favorite of mine Joseph Michael Linsner, the creator of Dawn. Read more of this post

Don’t let the CW candy coating fool you . . . The Vampire Diaries is NOT what you expect

*****FAIR WARNING*****
There will be spoilers here!!!

Having just finished the first story arc of the second season I can not contain my excitement about this show any longer. It may look like your typical Gossip Girl, 90210-esque teen drama on the outside, but on the inside this show is so much more. Don’t be fooled by the candy coating, just suck on it and enjoy the sweetness as events unfold and the storyline runs you through its paces making your eyes widen and your jaw drop at the unexpectedness of it all. Read more of this post

Turn 12 – Vampires

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Subjects include True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, a Twlight debate, Hellsing, Vampire Hunter D, The Coldfire Trilogy, Anita Blake, Ann Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, Castlevania, Legacy of Kain, and much, much more!


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