The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Review

My expectations were pretty low as I walked into the Spider-Man reboot, merely 5 years after the travesty that was Spider-Man 3.  Marc Webb isn’t a director I was familiar with nor Andrew Garfield an actor I knew.  Rumors always spread around that the way Sony and Fox keep the rights to their Marvel movies is by continuing to make them which makes this reboot feel like Sony clinging on to the property.  But I went in with an open mind and the only expectation being that the Lizard would be pretty disappointing.  This movie is going to incite more conversation than it deserves.  Its just above mediocre.  Every well done thing is paralleled by something done horribly.

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Movie Review: The Cabin in the Woods

Upfront: I am a bit of a Whedonite.  There are plenty of things I am critical about and wholeheartedly think are bad in Firefly, Buffy, and Angel but overall I’m a huge fan of those series and what they do.   I don’t mind Alien Resurrection and  I have never gone back to watch any Rosanne.  Whedon wrote the movie.  Drew Goddard, the director, I am not familiar with at all but according to IMDB he was a writer on several Buffy and Angel episodes.  The Cabin in the Woods is a difficult movie to talk about because there is so much to spoil so I will keep it simple and basic.  There are two parts to this movie each with their own cast.  The actual cabin in the woods section stars Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Kristen Connolly, Ann Hutchison, Fran Kranz (Topher from Dollhosue) and Jesse Williams.  The other half primarily features Richard Jenkins, Bradley Whitford, Brian White, and Amy Acker (Fred from Angel, Illyria from Angel, Dr Saunders from Dollhouse).  Cabin in the Woods is an outward examination of typical horror movie tropes.

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Movie Review: Cujo


Distributed By: Warner Bros.

Release Date: August 12, 1983

Running Time: 91 Minutes

!!Warning Minor Spoilers!!

So I like classic horror and suspense movies like everyone else but going back to watch Cujo was a huge disappointment.  I do need to start by stating that this is my first viewing of the film ever and that I never read the story that it was based on.  I generally like Stephen King movies and books but this was a true let down.  All of the right elements for a film were there. It was just the delivery that failed to deliver and I will get to that as this goes on.

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Movie Review: Masters Of The Universe

Masters Of The Universe

Distributed By: Cannon Films

Release Date: August 7, 1987

Running Time: 106 minutes

!!Warning Review Contains Spoilers!!

So here is a B movie that stands out from the crowd in the 80’s. Why you might ask, story, actors, special effects while I’m going to go with a little of each that’s not to say they didn’t crash and burn hard on some of the others. Here is a look at the good and the bad of Masters of the Universe.

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Movie Review: Ravenous


Distributed By: 20th Century Fox

Release Date: March 19, 1999

Running Time: 100 Minutes

!!Warning Minor Spoilers!!

Back in 1999, a nice Mexican-American War period piece about a little Fort in California and cannibals came out. This film has been in my collection for a while but I only just recently watched it. I’m kind of glad I waited this long as I’m more familiar with the actors. The two main stars are Robert Carlyle, most recently seen in Stargate Universe, and Guy Pearce, most recently seen in The King’s Speech. Both give good performances and memorable scenes. Guy, playing Capt. John Boyd and Robert as Colqhoud. Other notable actors being Neal McDonough, David Arquette and Jeffrey Jones. Their performances being as colorful as some of their other movie roles.

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Movie Review: Casshern

This is a difficult review to write because this movie is one of my favorite movies of all time, but it isn’t for everyone.  My brother while watching it got bored and decided the movie would be more entertaining at high speed so he could get the cliff notes of the action, ditching off the plot entirely.  I can sum up who will like and who won’t fairly easily though.  If the ambiguity of the movie Akira, the Ghost in the Shell movie, and the series Evangelion bothers you, then skip this one out.  Enjoy my review, but this movie isn’t for you.

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