09/29/2015 – The Rainbow Bridge to Shankington


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Featuring Jake “TheOtherJZee”, Joey “Nebula”, John “MusiM”

Music by MusiM.  Buy the music at musim.bandcamp.com

We discuss The Wolf Among Us, Metal Gear Solid V, Joe Hill, Locke and Key, Stephen King, Punisher, Elektra, Jessica Jones, The Mist, Dark Tower, & Head Full Of Ghosts.


94 – He Menaced Mah Chickens


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Featuring Joey, John “MusiM”, Lauren “Literally”,Scott “Artisann002”, and Suzy “Specter”.

Music by MusiM.  Buy the music at musim.bandcamp.com

As the Carousel turns we discuss Injustice Gods Among Us, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Wolverine Origins, The Stand, Carrie, Evil Dead, Hannibal, and Wreck It Ralph.  And an impromptu discussion on Canada’s premier super hero team, Alpha Flight.

That’s so Roland – A Dark Tower Spoilercast


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Featuring special guest Addie, John “MusiM”, Joey, and Lauren.

Come commala as we spoil the hell out of the Dark Tower and have a particularly in depth discussion of the controversial ending.  This one’s a long one folks at approximately 3 hours so remember the face of your father and speak the high speech before you enter.  Say it true, yar!

Movie Review: Cujo


Distributed By: Warner Bros.

Release Date: August 12, 1983

Running Time: 91 Minutes

!!Warning Minor Spoilers!!

So I like classic horror and suspense movies like everyone else but going back to watch Cujo was a huge disappointment.  I do need to start by stating that this is my first viewing of the film ever and that I never read the story that it was based on.  I generally like Stephen King movies and books but this was a true let down.  All of the right elements for a film were there. It was just the delivery that failed to deliver and I will get to that as this goes on.

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Turn 63 – Big Period and Nuts

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Featuring Joey, John “Knobs”, John “MusiM”, and Lauren.

Music by MusiM.  Buy the new album at musim.bandcamp.com

Our intended topics of discussion are Paranormal Activity 3, Adventure Time, The Walking Dead, Fast Five, Modern Family, Metro 2033, Demon’s Souls, Might and Magic Dark Messiah, Batman Arkham City, Gantz, and Richard Matheson.

Be sure and email us for the next show at carourselpodcast@gmail.com!

Turn 57 – My name is Batman, show me your Glasses

Join us in this week’s segway to freedom!  And now with more tangents than a calculus derivation!

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Featuring John “MusiM”, Joey, Scott “Artisan002”, WineMaker Joe, and Lauren (check out her Youtube channel at “http://www.youtube.com/user/LaurenLiterally“).

Music by MusiM.  Buy the new album at musim.bandcamp.com

Starting with literature we discuss Star Wars New Jedi Order, Star Wars Fate of the Jedi, Neuromancer, and the Death of Spiderman.

Continuing on with movies and the like we talk 24, Smallville, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

Finally in the realm of videogames we reveal in Shadows of the Damned.