12/07/2015 – 60 Years of Bad Canon


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It’s a one on one episode this time, featuring John “MusiM” & Scott “Artisan002”

Music by MusiM.  Buy the music at musim.bandcamp.com

This episode we discuss Creed (the movie, not the band), Rocky (the film, not the picture show), Darkest Dungeon, Steam Link, The Steam Controller, Divinity: Original Sin, Warframe, Batman, Superman, Batman v Superman, and really provide the voltage for this DC talk.


Editorial: What Comics I Read This Week

This is a quick, to the point section on what I picked up in comics in the last couple days and what I think of them.  I might of picked some of them up last week.  

injusticeInjustice Gods Among Us #1-10

I realize it’s been a while since I’ve written one of these.  I’m not going to catch up with what I’ve missed but should have my thoughts on this weeks releases sometime this weekend.  From there hopefully I will be back to regularly delivering these posts on Thursdays or Fridays.

First off, I purchased all issues of Injustice Gods Among Us from Comixology  for $0.99 a piece.  This is not normal continuum DC.  I’m going to tell you right now this series is fantastic and I don’t subscribe to any monthly DC comics.  But unfortunately to sell this to you I’m going to have to spoil the first issue.  My hope is that you’ll just trust me and try out the first issue without reading this.  This comic series has made me massively interested in a videogame that I had no previous interest in purchasing.  Also this series is still ongoing.  I’m assuming it’ll go to issue #12 and allegedly will function as a prequel to the game.

First issue spoilers start now.  Injustice Gods Among Us asks what would it take and what would it look like if the Justice League decided to inflict world peace on the world.  The story starts with Superman waking up to hear two heart beats coming out of Lois.  She’s pregnant.  Both of them get very excited.  Superman asks Batman to be the godfather.  Meanwhile, Batman investigates a recent kryptonite theft from Star Labs.  All in all, Joker was bored and tired of losing so he decided to mess with Superman.  He combines Scarecrow’s gas with kryptonite, kidnaps Lois, and with the kryponite scare gas tricks Superman into killing Lois.  The issue ends with Superman sticking his hand through Joker’s chest and declaring an end to war.

Turn 73 – I Keep Looking at Scott’s Burrito

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Featuring Joey “Nebula”, John “MusiM”, Sam Bell, and Scott “Artisan002”.

Music by MusiM.  Buy the music at musim.bandcamp.com

Our intended topics of discussion are Young Justice, Spice and Wolf, Everything Matters, Columbine, Fatale, Mass Effect 3, Journey, and Spyro.

Be sure and email us for the next show at carouselpodcast@gmail.com!

Turn 57 – My name is Batman, show me your Glasses

Join us in this week’s segway to freedom!  And now with more tangents than a calculus derivation!

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Featuring John “MusiM”, Joey, Scott “Artisan002”, WineMaker Joe, and Lauren (check out her Youtube channel at “http://www.youtube.com/user/LaurenLiterally“).

Music by MusiM.  Buy the new album at musim.bandcamp.com

Starting with literature we discuss Star Wars New Jedi Order, Star Wars Fate of the Jedi, Neuromancer, and the Death of Spiderman.

Continuing on with movies and the like we talk 24, Smallville, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

Finally in the realm of videogames we reveal in Shadows of the Damned.

Turn 40 – Comic Movie News

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Featuring John “MusiM” Beauchamp and Scott “Artisan002”.

Music: Untitled tracks by MusiM

This week we start our first entirely news and speculation based podcast!  We will endeavor to bring these out about once a month, sometimes as extra podcasts.  So somehow Scott and I manage to talk for 3 hours on this one which was a complete accident!  While we intended on talking about video game news as well that would have been another hour so we didn’t.

Movie/TV news and speculation includes The Avengers, Superman, The Dark Knight Rises, Green Lantern, Thor, Captain America, Firefly, Wonder Woman, Smallville, Iron Man 3, The Amazing Spiderman, X-Men First Class, DragonAge Redemption, The Wolverine, and many others.  Comic news discussion includes the Fantastic Four and many others.  Non-news topics include Batman Under the Red Hood, Superman and Shazam the Return of Black Atom,Final Crisis, and lots more!

Turn 22 – Siren Song of the Cougar

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Featuring John “MusiM” Beauchamp and John “Knobs” Knoblach.

Music: Intro – Untitled by MusiM

Its about comics this week where we discuss WWF, Nova, Annihilation: Conquest,  The Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity Gauntlet, Gantz, Buffy Season 8, Berserk, Invincible, Red, Superman, Zack Synder, and The Watchmen among many others.

NOTE: Unfortunately the recorded audio files didn’t line up so I had to hand adjust the audio periodically.  Hopefully its entirely fixed but if it is not please let us know and I will do my best to fix it as soon as possible.  – John