Turn 53 – RPG Love 2007-2008

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Featuring John “MusiM” Beauchamp and Michael “Boston” Hannon

Music by MusiM

And for this installment in the RPG Series, we cover Rogue Galaxy, Pokemon Diamond, Odin Sphere, Brave Story: New Traveler, Blue Dragon, Eternal Sonata, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, Mass Effect, Lost Odyssey, Persona 3, Persona 3 FES, Persona P3P, Persona 4, The World Ends With You, Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimore of the Rift, Tales of Vesperia, Fallout 3, Valkyria Chronicles, Etrian Odyssey, Luminous Arc, and many more.





Turn 36 – Screw Hyrbid Cars We Gon’ Make Us Some Moonshine

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Featuring John “MusiM”, Suzy “Specter”, and Scott ” Artisan002″

Music: Untitled tracks by MusiM

This week we aim to discuss videogames and movies and but derail quite a bit.  I’m sure most of derailments fall into those categories but we do hit the tech talk a bit….  Video game related topics include Torchlight, Civilization 5, The World Ends With You, Assassin’s Creed 2, Infinity Blade, and Vanquish.  Movie and TV related topics include Tron: Legacy, Southpark, Captain America: The First Avenger, The Dark Knight Rises, and after the end song Scott and I do a spoiler filled discussion of Tron: Legacy.