Assassin’s Creed Revelations Review – PS3

In the wake of Assassin’s Creed 3, I finished Revelations.  Assassin’s Creed Revelations (ACR) is a game that really isn’t needed, void of personalty, but does have the occasional enjoyable sequence or good idea.  I realize when I write these things I need to take my audience into consideration so I’m expecting that you are familiar with the franchise as I will spoil some parts of the story of previous games.

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News: Videogame Releases

So now E3 is over we can all go back to enjoying the games that are out, unless you missed last week’s recommendations.


Duke Nuke ‘Em Forever – 360, PC, PS3

Its being almost universally blasted in the reviews but I’m willing to bet these guys or these guys will have something different to say about it.  I don’t even want to try to list all the companies involved in this game but we’ll just say Gearbox finished it and 2K published it.


Alice Madness Returns – 360, PC, PS3

Developed by Spicy Horse and published by EA.  If you didn’t know, American McGee is an actual person and does work at Spicy Horse.  McGee is best known for doing the original PC adventure platformer, American McGee’s Alice.


Child of Eden – 360

Developed by Q Entertainment and published by Ubisoft.  This is the spiritual successor to Rez.  Works with Kinect.  Will be released for PS3 at a later date.

Ubisoft E3 Press Conference

I wonder if we’ll get laser tag again this year?

  • Oh wow.  The spokes man just said “Ubi or not Ubi?”  Laser tag topped with a Shakespeare pun.
  • Farcry 3 trailer shown.   Pretty cool story vibe to this one.  Other than that looks like a typical FPS.  I’m sure this means more for people who have played the Farcry games.
  • Funny how much better Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier looks without Kinect.  Predator style camo, multi-player co-op, and slick as hell 3rd person HUD.  The gameplay looks very nice and tactical.  If there’s any map objective custom-ability like the old Rainbow Six games, I very much could see Kinect taking the place of a game pad in those situations.  But for actual gameplay?  No.  Either way I am genuinely interested in this game.  Seems like they’re hyping up the PC Online community and it really doesn’t take much to make me go PC.
  • Raving Rabids announced for Kinect which is probably a really good idea for that franchise.  Includes whack-a-mole style Raving Rabid action with AR and co-op.
  • Just Dance 3 announced.  I’ve never played these.  Anyone feel like letting me know how they compare to Dance Central?
  • Rock smith guitar announced.  Guess its another learn to play real guitar Guitar Hero type games.  Hope it works.  I’d love to have a friend to jam with once in a while.
  • Holy crap that FMV Assassin’s Creed Revelations preview was awesome!  Game demo is shown and yup, still Assasin’s Creed.  Looks a lot darker than previous games though.  Really gives you the feeling we’re going to see Ezio die in this one.  The environments are a lot crazier.  Like Uncharted 2 crazier.