Turn 80 – Joey is a Big Fan of Dick

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Featuring Joey “Nebula”, John “MusiM”, and Lauren “Literally”.

Music by MusiM.  Buy the music at musim.bandcamp.com

Our intended topics are Brave, Legend of Korra, Guardians of the Galaxy, Maleficent, Saints Row 2, Breath of Death VII, Quest for Glory, Mass Effect 3, Captain America, Winter Soldier, Dark Tower, Starship Troopers, and Angel and Faith.

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Nintendo E3 Press Conference

And finally we get to the big reveal!  Will the Wii2 cook healthy but tasty food while still delivering above 3.6 alcoholic beverages and spray pheromones that encourage parents to spend time with their kids?  Lets find out!

  • Nintendo wins in the biggest screen department.
  • And Nintendo opens up with a live orchestra doing a Zelda medley with scenes for all the Zelda games and moving into what can only be Skyward Sword.  Glad to see Nintendo is actually doing something for the 25th anniversary for Zelda.  Link’s Awakening is now available on Nintendo’s e-shop.  Legend of Zelda 3D launches next week.  Four Swords Adventure free download, that is freaking awesome because that game is way fun.  Skyward Sword out this holiday.  Golden Wii Mote will be released too.  Legend of Zelda orchestra world tour!
  • Onto the 3DS game lineup starting with Mario Kart with customizable karts.
  • Starfox in 3D with motion control?  Does not sound like that combo will go over well but motion is optional.  Fully voiced though and looks nice.
  • Super Mario 3D.  Yup, its a Mario game.
  • Kid Icarus.  I was always confused by the excitement over this odd platformer.  I mean the new version is absolutely nothing like the original in any aspect.  It also weirds me out that the new Kid Icarus has some gritty dark sword wielding side kick.
  • And a Luigi’s Mansion sequel.  I’m really not the target audience for most of this.
  • Limited time free version of Excite Bike for 3DS.
  • And Pokemon with AR and in 3D.
  • And now the WiiU.  A iPad type device that can be moved from TV to the giant pad device.  Features a lot of integration with the TV.  Its backwards compatible with previous software and hardware.  Controller features a screen, camera, touch screen, and a microphone.  Not designed to be a portable video game machine.  Works by wirelessly communicating with the main system.  Also includes internet browser and video chat.  Seems to be some form of HD but they haven’t told us to what extent.
  • Smash Brothers announced for Nintendo 3DS and WiiU.
  • And now a montage of all the big names in the industry and announcing their games for the WiiU including Batman Arkham City, Assassin’s Creed (unspecified which), Darksiders 2, Dirt, Aliens, Ghost Recon, Metro Last Light, Tekken, and Ninja Gaiden 3 (with blood).
  • The part I’m a bit lost on is how good their HD is.  I don’t know if its my feed but they didn’t quite look as good as the 360 or PS3.  Obviously its good enough that all the modern games can hit it but Nintendo’s going to do for a low price point to keep their customer base.  And Nintendo likes to make money day one on their consoles.  So how hardcore is the tech?  I’ll be curious to see if this system really does have a place in the market.  As is the tech nerd in me is sold but not overly impressed.  The gamer in me doesn’t have much of a reason to get one though.

Turn 25 – Zombies

Part 1:

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Part 2:

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Featuring John “MusiM”, Suzy “Specter, Stretch, Trent, and Justyn.

Music: Untitled by MusiM; Eat – MusiM (on the album “Stories”, buy now at http://listentomusim.com/discography/)

This week we feature the finale to the horror series just in time for Halloween.  The topic: Zombies.  This turn has been split into two parts.  Part one features videogames and part two features movies, books, and comics.

On videogames we discuss Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Spooky Castle, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the Resident Evil franchise, the Fallout franchise, Borderlands, Half Life 2, the Dead Rising franchise, Minecraft, the Left 4 Dead franchise, Stubbs the Zombie, Doom3, Onimusha, the Castlevania franchise, the House of the Dead franchise, Run Zombie Run, and many more.

On literature we discuss Marvel Zombies, The Zombie Survival Guide, World War Z, The Walking Dead, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Night of the Living Trekkies, and many others.

On movies we discuss Night of the Living Dead, Return of the Living Dead, Versus, Fido, Doom 3, Serpent and the Rainbow, Zombieland, Shaun of the Dead, Spaced, Dawn of the Dead, Dead Alive, 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later, Undead, The Crazies, Samurai Armageddon, Planet Terror, Evil Dead, Army of Darkness, and many others.

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