Below are the series of topics we cover that don’t quite fit into the main menu selection.  All these topics were started with a limited scope in mind.  Series are listed in chronological order with the most recent at the top.  Turns are listed in chronological order with the first turn at the top.

The RPG Series 2010-2011
With special guest Boston (TVGP).

Female Gamer Series 2010
Join as as we debate sexism in games and interview some female gamers to get their take on the whole thing.  Special guests include Suzy (SpecterVision), Justyn (Tiltcast), Stretch (AllThisIsMeaningless), Scott, and Holly (Tiltcast) .

The Horror Series 2010
Special guests include Suzy (SpecterVision), Kildy (SpecterVision, Editor), Trent (Tiltcast), Justyn (Tiltcast), Stretch (AllThisIsMeaningless), and Scott.

   Spoiler casts

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