Konami Pre-E3 Press Conference

The Konami pre-E3 press event is available online to watch at Gametrailers:  http://www.gametrailers.com/video/e3-2011-konami/714570

Here are the things we think are interesting and why:

  • Metal Gear Solid (MGS)  HD Collection has been announced for release in November for both the 360 and PS3.  This is the first time that MGS will grace the 360.  The collection includes MGS 2, 3, and MGS Peacewalker.  So no MGS1.  The PSP savegame will be transferable to the PS3 version.  Personally, I would think this release would undermine the purchase of Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater for 3DS.  Why pay $30-$50 for the 3DS game when you can buy the collection for probably a lower or similar price point in November?
  • Megadeth did a new song for the NeverDead trailer.  Yup, Peace Sells…  But Who’s Buyin’?
  • Silent Hill HD Collection only includes Silent Hill 2 and 3 for both 360 and PS3.  Since they announced this at the end of some interviews involving the upcoming movie, there’s a decent chance the release date will be somewhere near the movie release.  Kind of odd to leave out Silent Hill 1 since 3 is a direct sequel to it.
  • And most importantly if you didn’t hear it on TVGP, Zone of Enders HD Collection, PS3 and 360.  Everyone should buy this because I want them to make a third.  Yeah I’m not a professional, I get to write stuff like that.
  • Also new Contra in the works and its probably the game Kojima is working on.

Turn 24 – Safe word: Gamma Ray

Direct Download

Featuring John “MusiM” Beauchamp, John “Knobs” Knoblach, and Michael “Boston” Hannon.

Music: Untitled by MusiM; Middle and Outro: Serene (Lost in the Eyes of God)

This week welcome our special guests from That Video Game Podcast (http://tvgp.tv) as we discuss video game expectations such as game length, cut scenes, preorders, and reusing proven design/mechanics.  Games included in discussion are The Viking, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, God of War, Bayonetta, Mirror’s Edge, Halo 3, Halo: Reach, Vanquish, Gungrave, Godhand, Rez, Too Human, Gears of War 2, Stellar 7, Kane and Lynch 2, Zone of Enders, Gears of War, Final Fantasy 7, Catacombs, Blake Stone, Ultima, Doom, Doom 2, Stonekeep, Heimdall, Fallout, Grim Fandango, Wolfenstein, Police Quest, Scorched Earth, Xenogears, Quake, Blood, Shadow Warrior, Rise of the Triad, Quake, Duke Nuke ’em, Commander Keen, Command and Conquer, Dune, Warcraft, Herzog Zwei, Sewer Shark, Night Trap, Hell, Ninja Gaiden, Super Mario Brothers 2, Super Mario Galaxy, Dot Hack, Tales of Destiny, Resident Evil, Eternal Darkness, Xenosaga, Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, Alpha Protocol, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Jak 2, Dead Space 2, Ratchet and Clank, Infamous, Tony Hawk, Dragonquest, Marathon, Crackdown, Terminal Velocity, and many more.

Visit Boston and Knobs at http://tvgp.tv

NOTE:  Okay so I didn’t setup the scheduled post right and it didn’t post to libsyn but turn 24 is now posted and available to listen to.  Apologies for the delay!