Recap-Review-Rant True Blood Season 4 Episode 2 – You Smell Like Dinner

Okay I’m going to try this a little bit differently this time.  I don’t think the scene by scene recap is really the way to go, there are plenty of those out there already and it makes this kind of long and a lot more time consuming and with work and my other commitments I just don’t have that much time.  This is a work in progress so it’s liable to change a few times until I find a happy medium.  So without further ado let’s jump right in to episode two.

Overall this was a much better episode than the first one but, bleh, what a way to start out.  Ewwww, seriously with the licking the open wound on Jason’s forehead.  This really grossed me out, I know that doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense when you’re talking about a vampire show where you watch people drinking blood all the time, but I never promised to be consistent or sensible.  I really hate this storyline and I seriously wish they would do something different with Jason.  I don’t know if they’re following the books on this one but I just can’t stand it.


We see Crystal return and she’s an even worse white trash country bumpkin than I remember.  The whole ‘she’s gotta perpetuate the bloodline’ thing just makes me cringe all over.  I know the only ‘were’ creature I have any knowledge of is the werewolf, but doesn’t it usually just take a bite or a scratch during a full moon to make someone else into one.  It looked and sounded like they were eating Jason not simply biting him.  Andy shows up at hotshot and could have saved Jason, possibly, if he hadn’t been so focused on scoring some ‘V’, which he finally did.  Meh, anyway . . .  that’s all the time I’m going to spend on my least favorite part of the show.

Pam was spot on as usual last night and the two best lines of the night go to her.  Loved it when Sookie proclaimed she wouldn’t be Eric’s puppet and Pam says, ‘shame for you then, he pulls good string.’  But the absolute best was during the confrontation between Hoyt and the vampire protestors outside Fangtasia.  ‘Let these good people practice their constitutional right to be fucking idiots.’  Classic and definitely rings with a note of truth when you look at groups in real life like the Westboro Baptist Church.  Love her!!! If they ever kill her off I may have to reconsider if I’ll ever watch the show again.

I love the banter between Lafayette and Tara.  The reaction they both exhibit when Marnie starts talking about raising a human body from the dead was awesome.  It looks like Marnie is possessed by some kind of ancient witch.  It will be interesting to see what happens here.  When Eric and Bill discuss the witches and the need to stop their necromancy they mention the inquisition.  I love back story with a history like this so I’m anxious to see what they do here.

I want Lafayette to have somebody in his life but I’m leery about Jesus now, I feel like he’s pushing Lafayette a little too much and I wonder if there are alternative motives.  Jesus’ reaction when Marnie started talking about raising a person however was suitably shocked leaving me to believe that he’s just perhaps a little naive about other people’s motivations rather than sinister himself.  I hope I’m right on this, but as I’ve said before this is Bon Temps where happiness goes to die in usually violent and tragic fashion.

We get two flash backs from Bill this week the first showing us how Bill met Nan Flanagan and became a spy for the Vampire Authority.  The second we learn what happened to Sophie  Ann and how he became king.  I was a bit disappointed to find out he didn’t defeat her himself.  Of course I guess that would have been a bit difficult for him but that was kind of the whole point and would have made it awesome.  I already have a hard time liking Bill and finding out he stood there and let humans shoot Sophie Ann with wooden bullets instead of defeating her himself didn’t help with that.  Some may argue that it just shows the lengths he’s willing to go to protect Sookie, but it would have exhibited that more to me if he’d defeated the queen with his bare hands and a ferocity born out of his supposed love for Sookie.

Hoyt made a huge mistake calling Jessica’s blood trash.  I know what he meant, I use the term myself when discussing idiots who do drugs like heroin or meth.  Its trash and you shouldn’t be putting it in your body, so I feel like I know what Hoyt meant.  He was thinking of it from a ‘V’ point of view and doesn’t want to become addicted.  But I also completely understand Jessica’s reaction and I wasn’t surprised at all to see her returning to Fangtasia to get herself a little nibble from the cute ‘fang banger’ from the night before.  Her exchange with Sookie was interesting, but I do wish things would work out for Hoyt and Jessica I’m just not going to hold my breath.

Like Jason’s the whole Sam storyline is a little ‘meh’ for me, although I don’t detest it like I do Jason’s.  The Skin Walker legend that was revealed when Luna, the Mexican/Native American female shifter talked about changing into her mother was interesting.  Of course Tommy was spying on them.  It looks like they’re trying to heal the rift between Tommy and Sam a little.  Tommy is such a little weasel though, bleh.  I’d never trust him.

Arlene’s reaction when Sookie says  Mikey is an old soul was hilarious.  ‘He’s brand fuckin new.’  She exclaims professing her love for the baby before fleeing in tears.  Then later she’s  staring at him so hard she pops a vein in her eyeball and blames the baby for doing it to her.  Yep, she’s definitely going to turn the poor little guy into a serial killer.  Poor Terry, it was so sweet the way he told Mikey that his momma was just a little crazy sometimes and that meant they just had to love her even more.

Sookie’s reaction to finding Eric’s cubby (that seems like such a prissy word for a vampire’s sleeping place) in her house was great.  For some reason seeing cute little blonde Anna Paquin saying ‘mother fucker’ makes me giggle.  Sookie got to have her moments of sassiness tonight.  First with the guards outside Bill’s mansion and then with Bill himself when she walks in on him and his witch spy Katarina getting dressed.

The episode ends with Eric wandering down the road without his memory or his shirt when Sookie finds him.  Not sure how he lost the shirt, since he was wearing one and a jacket when the witches put their wammy on him.  No matter how menacing it was to me when he asked her why she smelled so good I’m sure Sookie will think herself completely safe and take him in and try to take care of him.  I think we all know where this is going to lead.

Still no Alcide damnit!! *stamps foot* Still can’t wait to see what happens next week, and I will definitely try to get this out sooner.  Let me know if you like this better than the scene by scene recap.  I know I tend to be a little long winded no matter what.


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