Videogame News: Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter

Kickstarters out the wazoo!

Shadowrun was originally a paper and pencil RPG created by Jordan Weisman who also was involved in creating BattleTech.  He’s also the guy heading up this Kickstarter and has a nice video on the Kickstarter page you should check out.  He’s also the guy who started Wizkids and has made quite a few table top games including Heroclix.  He also made a company known as 42 Entertainment which was responsible for websites such as the Halo franchise’s “I Love Bees” and Nine Inch Nails “Year Zero”.  Point being, this guy is qualified to make a cerebral 2D RPG.

Shadowrun basically takes things like elves, dwarves, and dragons and throws them into a Bladerunner meets the Matrix style cyberpunk future.  While I personally wish they had waited a couple months before doing this Kickstarter as I am basically out of money, this may be the one I’m most excited for.  With an entry fee of $15 for the PC game, its not a high gamble.


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