Editorial: What Comics I Read This Week

This is a quick, to the point section on what I picked up in comics in the last couple days and what I think of them.

Injustice: Gods Among Us #14

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Jheremy Raapack
So the game came out and it doesn’t tie into the comic all that smoothly.  Matter of fact the game rehashes a particular scene from the comic but where the comic did it exceptionally well, it just came off as hokey in the game.  Not to say the game is bad but I’ll talk about that elsewhere.This issue jumps around a bit too much.  Its one of those the end is the beginning bits but the actual end of the issue isn’t the beginning which is highly confusing at issue #14 of a series I expect to end soon.

Its still a good issue but its hard not to be disappointed about how poorly the story is represented in the game.  Hopefully I will learn to segregate the two as the comic story is exceptional.

Justice League #1-6 (New 52)

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Jim Lee
Comixology had a $0.99 sale on quite a few Justice League comics so I grabbed a few.  This is actually the first I’ve read in the New 52 and if you haven’t figured it out already, I’m really not much of a DC fan.

With that said, these issues were enjoyable but pretty corny.  Its written like the Justice League are a bunch of high schoolers but actually adults.  And then Darkseid shows up.  Cyborg being on the team is kind of weird.  DC doesn’t have a lot of black super heroes.  Kind of wish they just made a new one to be honest with you.  DC also desperately wants you like to Aquaman.  They basically give Aquaman the Captain America from the Avengers scene.  “Why should we follow you?”  Punches bad guys to prove leadership.  Green Lantern was probably the most child like out of all of them which is disappointing since I really like the Green Lanterns.

Overall I was curious enough to look on the store for additional issues, but not curious enough to buy them at $2.99 a pop.

Nova #3

Writer: Jeph Loeb
Artist: Ed McGuinness
This is such an odd series.  The longer it goes on the more I don’t get it.  In this issue we find out that Sam Alexander is “the one” and Gamora and Drax are here to train him.  I’m still pretty fuzzy as to the timeline of the series.  I can’ figure out if this is happening after the Annihilation wave kills the Nova Corps or after Nova and Starlord sacrifice themselves to prevent Thanos from appearing in a comic for 3 months.  Evidently the Chitauri are going to be the starter villains.  And from what I hear Loeb is leaving the book after issue #6.   I’ll be really curious to hear sales numbers on this series.

Truth be told, its not a bad comic, its just not particularly good either.  Its only 3 issues in though so view points can be changed.  But the whole “the one” story has been worn the hell out on me.


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