End of the Turn

I feel basically every spectrum of the emotional wheel on this, but The Carousel is stopping.  Maybe it will start again, maybe it won’t.


I’ve really lost any ambition behind it.  Sure its always a blast having friends over for concentrated art discussion with an audience we can interact with to an extent.  And I’ve made a ton of irreplaceable internet friends and even meet a few of them in real life.  But this podcast is just too much of a pain in the ass for me to do anymore currently.  The scheduling problems, the hour or two it takes to edit and post, the irregularity caused by the scheduling problems, and the fact that no one’s opinion on a video game or movie really matters that much if at all.  Like how I snuck that last one in there?


I’m just tired and I have too much to do.  And I’m not the only one as is obvious from the scheduling problems.  Between a job that I have to work 50 hours a week on to an album that I’m incredibly excited about releasing to Suzy’s upcoming con schedule, there just isn’t much time.  Or money for that matter.  Too much of my equipment is dying.  1 Rhodes NT1 mic is dead with my M-Audio not far behind.  The mixer we use is slowly but surely dying as all the audio cut in and outs on the recording is telling.


I know, I know, I’m not supposed to be this personable on the net.  Just stick to the opinion on the games and movies and stuff.  But that’s really not me.  I’m a relatively open guy.  And the reality is being an adult is the worst thing that can possibly happen to anybody.


There will probably be things posted on the site.  And the Facebook community is still freakin’ awesome!  Of course part of what I love about the Facebook community is it basically has nothing to do with us, its just a bunch of fans sharing news and predictions.


Anyway, I wish you all well and with any luck The Carousel will return in some form.  I might even make the audio version of that last one we recorded a month ago.  But for now, The Carousel has stopped turning.  Thank you for all the you’ve spent with us.


About MusiM
Musician, writer, Gundam model hobbyist, video game lover, host of The Carousel Podcast, and all with a day job.

3 Responses to End of the Turn

  1. Trevor McD says:

    Aww, well I’m really going to miss the podcast but I understand if it’s becoming too stressful. I wish you and the gang all the best. There’s still the backlog, twitch episodes, and reviews I suppose. I hope life becomes more manageable for you personally, not for the sake of the cast but for you.

    Listening to all of you made my weary nights after work a lot better. I’ll be checking back regardless, at least for the site. See you later John, Lauren, Suzy, Scott, Joey, Stretch, and anyone I may have missed. You made a difference. Thanks. -TrevorMcD

  2. Caeasar says:

    I had just started listening to podcast when I first found you guy at podcastalley.com, im really not sure. but then I fuckin found and enjoyed your shit Mus and a the banter. #FREE.Lauren “Literally” Suzy “Specter.

  3. Life definitely takes us by turns, and I’ve enjoyed the years of effort you and yours have put into this project. We don’t always have the time to spend on these things that we want to, much less the funds, as jobs and families and responsibilities get in the way.. but you’ve still given us a lot of good times, and I thank you.

    Maybe we can get you back on some Steam with us some day!

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