X-Men 101-108 – The Phoenix Saga

The issues reference in the title do no actually call the story arc “The Phoenix Saga” but it is, not to be confused with “The Dark Phoenix Saga”.  Jean’s still in her green threads.  I have never read this before and holy crap people.  These issues are so chock full of awesome I had to do a play by play of awesome moments.  This will in no way cover the story but come on people.  Holy.  Crap.  Awesome.

First and foremost, the movies and cartoons did get one thing right: Jean Gray drowns and comes back The Phoenix.

Jean passes out after becoming the Phoenix and is taken to the hospital where the X-Men react to the news she’s going to be fine.  That’s Nightcrawler in the air.

Storm was born in New York.  Her mother being from Kenya, they moved to Cairo just in time to get their house bombed by the French.  Storm’s parents are killed and she is buried alive under the remains of her house, thus giving Storm quite a bit of claustrophobia as an adult.

The first version of the “fastball special” was a bit different.

Nightcrawler gets saved from Juggernaut and Black Tom by Leprechauns.

The second version of the “fastball special” wasn’t quite there yet either.

Wolvie’s first encounter with Magneto.

Colossus’s first encounter with Magneto.

Phoenix shows Firelord, Herald of Galactus, whose wearing the pants.  Girl power 1977 yo.

Professor X loses control and lets out his evil side who has a cape and can walk.

Wolverine steals some other dudes duds.  Note the body hair that Hugh Jackman is missing.

Cyclops’ Dad is a space pirate.  Just don’t touch the ‘stache.

Wolverine gets punched INTO SPACE BY A MIDGET.  MIDGET.  SPACE.  PUNCH.

And Jean changes into her Phoenix form and saves the universe in the most confusing way ever.


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